Nicki Minaj Whips Her Hair Back & Spits A “Fireball” [Audio]

Nicki Minaj Whips Her Hair Back & Spits A “Fireball” [Audio]

Young Money’s Nicki Minaj is getting her grind going again by teaming up with Roc Nation pre-teen Willow Smith for a collaboration called “Fireball.”

The duet began circulating online Wednesday (October 5) evening.

Willow Smith and Nicki Minaj unleash their “Fireball”. It’s a new duet song recorded for the “Whip My Hair” hitmaker’s upcoming debut album. Like what she did in her chart-busting debut single, the pint-sized singer shows off her fun, sassy side while at the same time staying true to her age. “I’m the fireball of the party. I’m the fire, I’m the fireball of the party,” 10-year-old Willow kicks in the heavy-bass banger. “Watch the fire burn. Burn. Watch me heat it up.” Nicki then joins her by throwing some playful verses, “You’re real major even though you’re a minor/ Your daddy keep you in designer.” (Ace Showbiz)

The track marks Minaj’s latest she has released over the past few days.

Nicki Minaj has been busy, even for Nicki: in the past forty-eight hours, she’s popped up on a new Rick Ross track (“You the Boss”) and a Big Sean remix (“Dance A$$”). But Vulture would like to draw your special attention to the third and, in our opinion, most engaging collaboration that Nicki has released this week: “Fireball,” the new single from Willow Smith. Now, hear us out: Willow is still very young–just shy of 11–and her music is probably still best appreciated at a roller-rink or Chuck-E-Cheese or wherever the preteens have their birthday parties these days. But “Fireball” is a return to form for the youngest Smith; after experimenting with an actual chorus and melody in”21st Century Girl,” she’s gone back to her strength–a short, super-catchy, party-ready refrain that gets repeated over and over and over until you are sure to accidentally start singing it at a social gathering. (New York Mag)

In October, Minaj was featured on Smith’s “Whip My Hair” hit single remix.

Duets don’t come much more 2010 than this. Yes, someone up above was listening to Popdash’s dreams these past few months and has made the ultimate cartoon pop duet happen. That’s right. Nicki Minaj has hopped out oh her Willy Wonka coloured tank and put a verse down on the first official ‘Whip My Hair’ remix. Rapping about her school days, playing Double Dutch in the yard Nicki brings her usual A-List rhymes and unbeatable character to a song already burting with swagger and attitude. (Pop Dash)

However, Nicki later came forward and denied the song’s authenticity.

“I did NOT do the whip my hair rmx. Sum1 took an OLD verse and put it on the song. :/ original song was called “lookin at me” a year ago,” she tweeted Wednesday (October 7). (Nicki Minaj’s Twitter)

Check out “Fireball” below:

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