Nicki Minaj Unveils Business Secrets, “I’m Not Doing This To Be Flashy, I’m Doing This To Secure Wealth”

Nicki Minaj Unveils Business Secrets, “I’m Not Doing This To Be Flashy, I’m Doing This To Secure Wealth”

Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj recently talked about her business strategies and why she makes calculated financial decisions.

Minaj believes it is vital for certain artists to have a business manager.

“I had a dream that I should go with [Lil] Wayne and that’s what I did. I’ve never regretted it. Now…I mean I’m just a business savvy person by nature and I weigh out all my decisions. The average person hears $50,000 and jumps. I hear $50,000 and, you know, I need an explanation with it. I need details, and I’ll probably be like that about $50 million. Most artists at my stage in the game don’t have a business manager. I have a business manager. I’m talking about and looking over my finances on a regular basis. I’m not doing this to be flashy I’m doing this to secure wealth. Not cash. They’re two different things. I’ve made calculated decisions and people don’t always understand my process but they always get it later…I’m wrong every now and then but I’m usually right when it comes to things like that.” (VIBE)

After being fired by Minaj last spring, ex-manager Debbie Antney spoke on parting ways with the rapper.

“I am the person that put it out that she did a cease and desist letter or whatever that sh*t is that she did,” Antney said in an interview. “I put that out, she didn’t put that out. She never said anything, that was to stop people from continuously calling me to let them know I no longer have her. She chose not to be with me. That’s why I do sh*t on a handshake. People out there might say that’s a sucker, but I’m not, that’s who I am. You don’t want to be with me, you’re gone free. Do whatever it is you want to do, good-bye…I love NIcki, I love Nick and I wish her all the success in the world. You don’t have to stay with me” (All Hip Hop)

Shortly after the manager firing, rumors spread that suggested Minaj left Antney for rap mogul Diddy.

A source close to the entrepreneur/rapper has confirmed to that Diddy is not only co-managing Lil Wayne protégé Nicki Minaj but also Rick Ross. According to our source, Minaj subsequently went on to seek management from Troy Carter, Lady Gaga‘s manager. Although some websites claim to have confirmed that Carter is co-managing Minaj with Diddy, our source says it isn’t the case and that Gaga pumped the breaks on the deal, threatening to find another manager if Carter took on Minaj as well. When that happened, Carter stepped back and Diddy stepped in, asking one of his own managers, James Cruz, to co-manage Minaj with him instead. (Billboard)

However, Diddy later denied being Minaj’s current manager.

“For the record, as I said before, don’t believe the rumors,” Diddy said on a UStream broadcast. “I have not made no announcement yet, don’t believe no rumors about anything y’all hear. me and Nick, we just cool. I like her style. Rick Ross, he’s my brother. There’s no management announcements or none of that. So everybody, worry about what you’re worrying about. It’s all right for people to know each other and have an admiration towards each other and maybe pick each other’s brains for advice. I will be making an announcement in a couple of weeks on some things. But right now, everybody let’s chill out and be cool and stay focused on being positive…” (UStream)

Check out Nicki Minaj’s ex-manager speaking on her down below:

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