Nicki Minaj Switches Gears To Lil Wayne’s Drive, “I Never Have To Worry About Him Thinking I’m Going Too Far Left”

Nicki Minaj Switches Gears To Lil Wayne’s Drive, “I Never Have To Worry About Him Thinking I’m Going Too Far Left”

Young Money’s Nicki Minaj recently opened up about her admiration toward Lil Wayne and how being under his wing drives her to exercise more creative freedom.

In Minaj’s eyes, Wayne’s own experimental antics provide her comfort in what she does on and off the microphone.

“Absolutely. I never have to worry about Wayne thinking I’m going too far left because Wayne has been one of the pioneers in Hip Hop in terms of going too far left, you know? Whether he’s singing in Auto-Tune, whether he’s doing Rock or playing the guitar or he’s getting tats on his face, he kind of always does him. So yeah, it definitely helps.” (Hip Hop DX)

The rapper also described the sacrifice to privacy she has subscribed to since becoming a Young Money star.

“Yeah, of course it gets harder, but it’s one of those things. It’s the price that you pay. Everyone knows when they get into this game, they kind of know that they’re bartering their privacy and they’re bartering peace of mind in order to win. None of this comes for free. It’s an exchange; you’re always exchanging one thing for the other. Obviously what I’ve gotten so far outweighs the things that I’ve had to trade in.” (Hip Hop DX)

Not only a risk taker in music, Minaj’s stylist Niki Schwan recently revealed her fearless approach in physical appearance.

“She never takes herself too seriously, which makes this outlandish fun style really approachable and that appeals to women and girls in a huge way. She incorporates tons of humor into her style and is fearless in her approach, which I think people really admire and appreciate — as an artist, a woman, and a rising icon. She really pushes women and girls to have fun with their style, to be unique unto yourself…which sums up her statement, in a way, without even really trying.” (Ottawa Citizen)

This week, Young Money’s Shanell aka SNL discussed Weezy’s overall trust and motivation for signing each artist.

“Wayne’s reason for choosing each and every one of us, [in] Young Money, is that we are talented in our own way and we do know how to create our own music and create our own world,” Shanell revealed in an interview. “It’s the only place that I’ve seen where you can actually do that. I think what I am for Young Money is that tool to sort of go outside of the norm. That’s my challenge and my responsibility is to be able to go outside of what Young Money is comfortable with, bring in a new audience and bring in new people to work with.” (Billboard)

Check out a recent Nicki Minaj interview below:

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