Nicki Minaj Stares Down Rap Retirement, Envisions Hanging Up Mic

Nicki Minaj Stares Down Rap Retirement, Envisions Hanging Up Mic

Rap star Nicki Minaj delves into her music career and when the time could possibly come where she feels the need to hang up the microphone for good in the upcoming Marie Claire August magazine.

Based on an excerpt from her cover feature, Nicki reveals wanting to at least drop three more albums before saying good-bye to the rap game.

I’m struck by how much she admits she has riding on this first movie role. After all, her third album, tentatively titled The Pink Print, will drop next year. Is her real goal to be a full-time actress? “I at least want to do three more albums. If I can do that, I’ll feel complete,” she says. Wait, she might leave the rap world behind? “One day, when I start getting a couple gray hairs, maybe it will all be only acting. I just never know,” she says. For now, she has a lot going on–there’s also a clothing line launching in October at Kmart. “I’ve kind of become the poster child,” she says, “for doing the things that no one expects.” (Marie Claire)

Recently, Minaj’s boss Lil Wayne admitted he hopes to retire in the near future.

“Yes, very true,” Wayne said when asked if his retirement plans are still on deck. “I want to retire after Tha Carter V which I hope will be my last album. My next album’s not Tha Carter V because I think I have to work on other albums as well with my pop, Birdman, and things like that. But after Tha Carter V, I hope I can retire. [laughs] … [I’ll be able to do] things like spend quality time with my kids.” (“The Jimmy Kimmel Show”)

Cash Money Records CEO Baby downplayed Nicki’s time in the rap game coming to an end in the near future.

“That’s her choice, her decision. I don’t think Nicki is ready to retire. She really just started. I don’t see that in the near future for her at all right now,” he said in an interview. “I like young boy Chief [Keef]. I think he’s a great young talent. I sent my hand out to him. We’ll see what happens.” (Complex)

The Young Money rapper has kept busy as of late with filming her role in an upcoming Cameron Diaz-starring movie called The Other Woman.

Nicki Minaj has been spotted filming on the set of Cameron Diaz’s new movie, as she prepares to make her Hollywood debut. The ‘Va Va Voom’ rapper is set to star alongside an all-star cast also including Leslie Mann and Kate Upton in Nick Cassavetes‘ new comedy The Other Woman. Nicki was seen leaving her trailer on the New York City set dressed in a black robe with her blonde hair style straight. (Capital FM)

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