Nicki Minaj Singles Out Major Label After Unexpected Take Down

Nicki Minaj Singles Out Major Label After Unexpected Take Down

Young Money’s Nicki Minaj has let off some steam toward Universal Music Group after accusing the mega record company for pulling one of her new songs from the Internet.

Nicki jumped onto her Twitter page to single out the big label over her “Boss A** B*tch” being removed from digital outlets.

“That one’s not on the kid album tho,” Nicki tweeted January 10.

“Wow at Universal takin down that boss ass bitch sound cloud link. ITS.A.FREESTYLE – smfh.” (Nicki Minaj’s Twitter)

While fans await the song’s official release, Nicki has teased the track on her Instagram page.

Nicki Minaj closed 2013 off strong with her explosive remix to PTAF’s “Boss Ass Bitch.” She has been promoting the song with a SoundCloud link on her Instagram profile. However, today the link has been deleted, courtesy of Universal. Nicki is not happy about this move. “It’s a freestyle,” she tweeted. While fans won’t be able to find the remix quite as easily anymore, they do have access to a snippet of a new verse from Nicki. She Instagrammed a video of her listening to the new song in the studio. “It’s me tho, the CEO/ Dame beso, yo necesito,” Nicki says in the song, which will not be on her upcoming album. To go along with the snippet, Nicki put up a few selfies on Instagram also. (Complex)

Recently, the self-proclaimed “Barbie” revealed she would put all priorities to the side to focus on an upcoming new LP.

“I already started, and I’m going home, actually tomorrow to really start. Like, I’m taking two months to just lock in. So I’m really excited, and the people that have been working with now have been people that I haven’t worked with before, so it’s like they’re bringing a new sound to the album that I’ve never experimented with. … I’ve got so much to talk about. In the features, I don’t really delve into no deep sh*t. And with the album, thank God, I’ve experienced so much in the last year-and-a-half that there’s so much for me to talk about. I know my fans are gonna be excited about it.” (MTV)

Although careful with her words, Minaj recently promised she would take some chances on the upcoming solo project.

“The features are just the appetizer for the album,” Nicki said in an interview. “It’s very different from anything I’ve done, which I’m surprised about. I’m not feeling like, ‘Oh, I did this.’ I’m feeling this is next level.” (Power 105.1)

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