Nicki Minaj Says She Initially Got Rejected For ‘Ice Age’ Role, “I Was Really Mad”

Nicki Minaj Says She Initially Got Rejected For ‘Ice Age’ Role, “I Was Really Mad”

Young Money star Nicki Minaj recently opened up about landing a role in the forthcoming Ice Age: Continental Drift animated movie and how she intiailly was turned down for the character she auditioned for.

Despite not landing her ideal role, Minaj said the filmmakers specifically made a role to fit her.

“The original role that I was up for I didn’t get,” Minaj explained in an interview. “So I said, ‘Oh, OK, whatever.’ I was really mad, and the next thing you know, they called me and they said, ‘We wrote in a part just for you ’cause we really want you to be a part of this movie.’ … And I just was screaming and so excited, and I went in and I had a blast. I did it as two different voices. We’ll see what happens.” (MTV)

Details of Minaj’s role in the flick hit the Internet late last week.

Joy Behar, Nicki Minaj, Nick Frost and JB Smoove are among the new names to join “Ice Age: Continental Drift” at 20th Century Fox Animation and Blue Sky Studios. Chris Wedge, who helmed the first pic in the “Ice Age” franchise, will reprise his role as Scrat, whose pursuit of an acorn has world-changing consequences that help Sid (Leguizamo) reunite with his long lost family. The rest of the gang, meanwhile, tries to make their way home despite roadblocks from a determined menagerie of colorful characters. Steve Martino and Michael Thurmeier will direct “Continental” with Lori Forte and John Donkin producing. 3D pic is slated for release July 13, 2012. (Variety)

She now joins a cast which also consists of her Young Money labelmate, Drake.

Drake and Beyonce have been added to the cast of the next Ice Age movie. The two pop stars will join Jeremy Renner and Jennifer Lopez in Ice Age: Continental Drift. The quartet will star alongside regulars Ray Romano, Queen Latifah, Denis Leary and John Leguizamo. (Star Pulse)

Rapper-turned-actor Busta Rhymes recently told SOHH he hoped to see Minaj take hold of Hollywood films.

“I don’t think there’s anything missing from what she’s doing,” Busta recently told SOHH when asked what advice he could offer Minaj in reference to launching a film career. “She’s a new artist. She’s doing more than what new artists do as far as being everywhere and having the success and acknowledgment that she’s had. I’m just saying the only thing left for her to do, from what I can see, and not only the thing left for her to do but the next thing that I would like to see her do is films.” (SOHH)

Ice Age: Continental Drift is slated to premiere July 13, 2012.

Check out a recent Nicki Minaj interview down below:

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