Nicki Minaj Reveals Why She Hasn’t Cashed-In On Hollywood Yet

Nicki Minaj Reveals Why She Hasn’t Cashed-In On Hollywood Yet

Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj recently discussed her reluctance to hop into a handful of Hollywood movies and said she is patiently going through various film scripts.

The self-proclaimed Barbie said she is still searching for the best flick to latch onto before putting her Hollywood career into full swing.

Nicki Minaj has set her sights on the big screen. She told Page Six on Oscar night, “I would love to act, it just has to be the right project, the right movie.” “Nothing stereotypical about a singer,” the rapper and “American Idol” judge said. “I have an agent, and we are looking at a couple of scripts, so we’ll see.” (New York Post)

Last year, Minaj’s Young Money labelmate Drake said he has also waited for the perfect film script to land in his hands.

“I’ve been reading scripts for a while,” Drake said in an interview. “I want to do something great. I really want to do something a movie specifically for my culture, the younger people that are still in tune with everything going on. I’m actually writing with my friends right now — they have a production company called By Any Means Necessary, so we’re writing together trying to figure out the right movie. [Ideal role?] Something that’s not a rapper or a basketball player, which is all the scripts that I get. [laughs]” (VH1 News)

Although she only contributed her voice, Minaj’s Ice Age: Continental Drift earned $46 million at the box office when it opened up in theaters last summer.

20th Century Fox can chill out now, as the fourth installment of the studio’s animated “Ice Age” franchise easily debuted in the No. 1 spot at the box office this weekend. “Ice Age: Continental Drift,” the only new movie to hit theaters nationwide this weekend, opened with a solid domestic sum of $46 million, according to an estimate from Fox. The 3-D picture reunites the series’ beloved band of prehistoric mammals and features a number of celebrities in its voice cast, including Queen Latifah, Nicki Minaj and Ray Romano. (Miami Herald)

Three years ago, Cash Money’s Bow Wow revealed how close Nicki came to landing a movie role in 2010’s Lottery Ticket big screen comedy.

“To be honest, Nicki was close to being [the character] ‘Nikki’ in the movie. I called Nicki and said, ‘Yo, I think you should audition for this role.’ “Unfortunately, Bow’s bid to get Minaj some screen time was unsuccessful: The part eventually went to R&B vixen Teairra Mari. “I thought [Minaj] did good, but unfortunately you know how things don’t work out.” (MTV)

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