Nicki Minaj Puts Angelina Jolie & “Jersey Shore’s” Snooki In Ladies-Only Supergroup

Nicki Minaj Puts Angelina Jolie & “Jersey Shore’s” Snooki In Ladies-Only Supergroup

Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj recently talked about which actresses and musicians she would put into a ladies-only supergroup if she had the ability.

Revealing her ideas in a live Billboard broadcast, Minaj allowed her mind to run loose.

She revealed that Hermione, the female character from Harry Potter, would be the first recruit. “You know in Boyz II Men, how there was that one dude that never sang, but just talked?” she asked. “Hermione would do the talking stuff because she has the [British] accent.” Next up, Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie and reality star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi would make the band. “She would be like one of the backup dancers,” Minaj said of the “Jersey Shore” cast member. The all-star lineup rounds out with two veteran Grammy winners. “We would have to have Lauryn Hill, like have to, and we would have to have Cyndi Lauper ’cause she’s funny, she’s crazy,” explained the “Your Love” hitmaker. “[Cyndi] reminds me of myself and I love her voice. I would produce her in the studio and be like, ‘Cyndi, give it to me like this, I want that feeling, I want that stuff.'” (Rap-Up)

Aside from a fictional group, Minaj is currently putting together her upcoming debut, Pink Friday.

“The album is progressing miraculously, I would say,” Minaj said in an interview. “It’s coming out way better than I could even have imagined or dreamed or hoped for…It’s been very exciting to finally just make music that I love and not really having to incorporate myself on someone else’s record…I’ve been having a really great time…I have a record called ‘Right Through Me’ that I think will be a standout. It’s not gonna come right now. It’ll come closer to when the album drops, but it’s a really, really pretty song. Everyone’s gonna like it…It’s just really insightful but in a very conversational kind of way.” (MTV)

Recently, Minaj revealed Black Eyed Peas‘ frontman will be involved in the project.

“I don’t want to say too much, but I just did some work with,” Minaj said in an interview. “Just something for my album that I’m really excited about. The album is much more emotional than you anticipate, which is a great thing. And I know women are gonna connect to the album so much. I felt like for so many years I was the girl who did the catchy little raps, and it’s time for me now to tell my story, and in telling my story, I’m really telling every girl’s story. We all go through the same thing. So the album is gonna feel very personal to every female.” (Entertainment Weekly)

Minaj recently said she believed her debut will make a statement for all female emcees.

“With this album, you got people saying ‘Oh that might be too pop for you,’ or ‘That might be too dance for you,'” she says later. “And I just started meditating on what makes them say that. I think people say those things just because of the past. I have to invent something, to show that a girl can rap over any kind of beat and still be hip-hop.” (VIBE)

Check out a recent Nicki Minaj interview below:

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