Nicki Minaj “Pulls Out D*ck & P*sses” On Black Radio, “Jealous Hatin H*es Die Slow”

Nicki Minaj “Pulls Out D*ck & P*sses” On Black Radio, “Jealous Hatin H*es Die Slow”

Young Money rapstress Nicki Minaj has voiced her multiple frustrations with Black/urban radio and has once again utilized Twitter as her virtual soapbox.

Venting via her public account, Minaj constructively critcized nationwide morning urban radio programs.

“Dear Black Radio , wen u do ur morning show tmrw, let the community know that taylor swift is #1 and nicki minaj is #2…,” she tweeted Tuesday (January 11).

“As opposed to starting your morning show reading the blogs on air…perpetuating bullsh*t. Inspire the community tmrw Black Radio!”

“And let them know that nicki minaj does NOT have a top ten song on billboard’s 100 right now. And NO knew vids out either.”

“Let them know that they can WRITE their OWN raps and STILL go toe-to-toe with Rap’s Heavy Weights.”

“Let them know that NO one can define them! No one makes the rules! U define YOURSELF! Don’t let them BOX u in! Your Game! Your Rules!”

“And if they can’t respect your hustle, tell them GO F*K YOURSELF! Weak a** b*tches COULD neva!!!!!!! Jealous hatin h*es die slow”

“*pulls out d*ck and p*sses* – Roman #out” (Nicki Minaj’s Twitter)

Last July, Minaj gave background information on her alter egos.

“When people hear the [Pink Friday] album, they’re going to get to know Onika [her birth name is Onika Maraj]. And no one knows Onika. I really didn’t think I would be this excited about the songs that I’m coming up with. I’m really, really proud…I’m gonna let the album [introduce my alter ego]. As of now, you’ll know Nicki and you’ll know Roman, my crazy alter ego Roman Zolanski. But you’ll meet Onika before the year ends.” (MTV)

Minaj recently created a mother-like figure for her belatedly craziest personality, “Roman Zolanski”.

“There is a person introduced on Pink Friday — it’s Roman’s mother,” Minaj said during her “RapFix Live” interview. “Roman has a mother.” The “Right Thru Me” lyricist assured fans they’ll love Roman’s mom, Martha, but they have to wait until the album drops next month to check out the elder Zolanski. “You gotta wait,” Minaj insisted. “You gotta wait for November 22 to meet Martha, but you’re gonna love her. You’re gonna absolutely adore her.” Just don’t get too attached to the Martha moniker, as Minaj said she may switch it up for the album. “I may change her name,” she said. “I just made up her name on the spot.” (RapFix)

Outside of conflicts with the media, Minaj revealed her New Year’s resolution for 2011 last month.

“[I’ll be] touring around the world. It’s looking like the biggest, baddest, I don’t know … I should’ve had something better to say,” she began, and then invented a few words on the spot, for emphasis on just how big 2011 will be for the “Your Love” singer. “[I’m going to be the] biggest, baddest, boldest, booming-est, fearless-ocity-est, Pink Friday-est, girl,” she promised. (MTV)

Check out a recent Nicki Minaj interview below:

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