Nicki Minaj Preps “Massive” First Single, “It’s Gonna Be A F*cking Bomb”

Nicki Minaj Preps “Massive” First Single, “It’s Gonna Be A F*cking Bomb”

Young Money’s Nicki Minaj and songwriter Sean Garrett have come together to announce the first single off the rapper’s forthcoming album called “Massive Attack.”

According to Nicki, a music video will also accompany the single.

“The first single is called ‘Massive Attack.’ Sean Garrett produced that,” she revealed in an interview. “It’ll be out very soon. I don’t have an exact date, but it will drop right on time…We’re actually shooting the video within a week. I can’t wait for you guys to see it.” (Rap-Up)

Garrett has also hyped up the forthcoming track from Nicki’s debut album.

“I just did Nicki’s first single featuring me,” he added. “It’s gonna be a f*cking bomb. It’s very, very explosive! It’s a club banger. It’s a lot broader than what people would expect her to come with. The record puts her in the game in a way that says she should’ve been here a long time ago.” (Rap-Up)

Minaj recently explained why she has not rushed her untitled debut.

“I’ve gotten great feedback from artists I look up to and never thought I’d work with,” she explained in an interview. “They’re already in line to be on the project. But it’s like, ‘Do I want to put out a debut album with a thousand features on it or do I wanna finally showcase Nicki?’ I’m not worried about features at all…With the album, I think it’s more important that people get accustomed to seeing a female rapper again. Before I drop an album, people need to come out and see. People don’t even know what a female rapper does. We’re so not used to seeing it. It’s nonexistent in categories. We don’t get nominated. I need to work [the people] up to accepting a female rapper again and accepting my style and all of that — then the album will come. Honestly, I’d love to put an album out this year, but I don’t believe in rushing things either.” (MTV)

Last December, Minaj said she was aiming to drop a “classic” debut.

“The [album], that’s what I’m actually getting ready to work on because I’ve been on the road for such a long time, I’m taking a complete hiatus for the next couple months, unfortunately, for all the promoters giving crazy offers,” Minaj told DJ Whoo Kid. “And I’ve been turning every one because I have to put my foot down for the next few months and deliver a classic album and I already have stuff and I can’t wait for the world to hear. All the stuff we talk about is fun and games and all that but the music is what’s most important and I don’t want all the people to be distracted by the other stuff and so I’m gonna take a break and when I come back you guys will have some very, very great music.” (Radio Planet TV)

No further details have been released as of now.

Check out a recent Nicki Minaj interview below:

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