Nicki Minaj Pities Her Competitors, “You’re Mad At Yourself”

Nicki Minaj Pities Her Competitors, “You’re Mad At Yourself”

Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj has stated her opinions on her female rap foes and how lady emcees are more jealous than angry at her.

While refusing to name drop, Minaj sent a message to all of her women adversaries.

“These girls aren’t mad at me. They’re mad at themselves,” she states, shooting down questions on why she never took Kim’s bait. “[It’s] jealousy, insecurity and being broke. When you haven’t capitalized and you see I’m about to capitalize on this sh*t like it’s never been done before, then you’re mad at yourself.” (YRB Magazine)

In September, Minaj said labelmate Drake steers her away from addressing beefs.

“He’s definitely told me, ‘Yo, leave that bullsh*t alone. That’s for people who ain’t got sh*t else to do.,'” Minaj said about Drake’s advice. “I’ve watched Wayne handle himself so well. I’ve seen people take shot after shot after shot at him and if it fazed him, I never saw it. People take shots because they’re hoping for a little bit of your energy. They need fuel…It’s not hard when you’re making a lot of money and everything you do is sold out, and people adore you and little kids are crying just to take a picture with you. I’m laughing all the way to the bank, just like Wayne said. Young Money is good.” (Complex)

Despite previously remaining mum, Minaj recently dropped her “Roman’s Revenge”single, allegedly going after Lil Kim.

Minaj has finally responded to the ongoing disses from Lil Kim. Now after months of keeping quiet, what’s Nicki’s response? Lil Kim’s a has-been. On her new track “Roman’s Revenge” featuring Eminem, Nicki sends not so subliminal disses towards Kim saying, “Look at my show footage all these girls be spazzin, so what the f*ck I look like getting back to a has-been. Yeah I said it, HAS-BEEEN. Hang it up, FLAT SCREEN. PLASMA… I’m a bad b*tch…I’m a c*nt and I’ll kick that h*e…PUNT…You need a job this ain’t cutting it, Nicki Minaj’is who you ain’t f*cking wit.” (Hip Hop Wired)

Following its release, battle rap veteran Roxanne Shante analyzed the hard-hitting diss.

“If she named it ‘Roman’s Revenge’ after ‘Roxanne’s Revenge’, then I’m honored. Job very well done,” Shante said in an interview. “[Nicki’s] record was to prove a point, but I was never afraid to say names. Not saying that she’s afraid, but I always wanted people to know who I was talking about…The similarities are she just doesn’t care. Like, [Lil Kim], this is what I’m saying about you, now what you gonna do? Being a battle rapper that was totally respected by my male counterparts, I understand where she’s coming from. No one can tell the future. [Lil’ Kim] could come back with something that blows everyone’s mind. Or, she could come back with something and blow her own mind.” (VIBE)

Check out a recent Nicki Minaj interview below:

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