Nicki Minaj Outlines Her 5-Year Industry Plans

Nicki Minaj Outlines Her 5-Year Industry Plans

Young Money’s Nicki Minaj has listed the gorals she hopes to accomplish within a five-year time span in the entertainment industry, ranging from making a silver screen debut and becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Speaking in a Rolling Stone interview, Minaj also stresses the importance of perfection.

The Young Money raptress tells Rolling Stone that her five-year plan includes a film career, a perfume line, a clothing line, and records that feature her singing as much as rapping. Minaj has already explored the latter with her debut, singing on many of the album cuts. “There’s this fear of not being perfect,” she tells the magazine. “There’s some songs I just won’t write because I’m afraid of it not meeting my expectation of what I know that song could be. I don’t compete with other people, I compete with myself.” (Rap-Up)

To help promote her new album, Pink Friday, Minaj teamed with MAC Cosmetics to launch a line of special lipsticks which have already sold out.

Pink 4 Friday Lipsitck: A Limited Edition Lipstick personally designed by Nicki Minaj to celebrate the release of her debut album Pink Friday. Featuring a bright, creamy pink satin formula, Nicki’s shade is only available online for four Fridays starting November 26, 2010, while supplies last. Pro discount not applicable. (MAC Cosmetics)

In a new documentary entitled, My Time Now, Minaj speaks on her non-stop grind.

“I put quality in what I do. I spend time and I spend energy and I spend effort and I spend everything I have, every fiber of my being, to give people quality,” she said in an interview. “So if I turn up to a photo shoot and you got a $50 clothes budget and some sliced pickles on a motherf–kin’ board, you know what? No. I am gonna leave. Is that wrong? Wanting more for myself? Wanting people to treat me with respect? You know what? Next time, they know better. But had I accepted the pickle juice, I would be drinking pickle juice right now.” (The Boom Box)

As of now, Minaj’s Pink Friday LP is slated to debut in the Top 5 new releases next week.

Cash Money/Universal Motown’s red-hot Nicki Minaj also bested pre-release predictions, with a total in the 375-425k range for her hotly anticipated debut, Pink Friday, though the upcoming Black Friday could render these estimates a little less accurate than usual. (HITS Daily Double)

Check out a recent Nicki Minaj interview below:

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