Nicki Minaj On Dream Date, “I Had The Pleasure Of Meeting Him & My Life Will Never Be The Same”

Nicki Minaj On Dream Date, “I Had The Pleasure Of Meeting Him & My Life Will Never Be The Same”

Young Money’s Nicki Minaj has confirmed recent reports tying her to former “American Idol” judge Simon Cowell and explained how their face-to-face date changed her life.

While careful with the amount of details she gave, Minaj said her life changed following their sit-down.

“I can’t talk about that, but I love Simon very dearly,” the Lil Wayne protégé answered in a British accent. “He’s such an amazing man. I had the pleasure of meeting him and my life will never be the same, darling. I told him that. I was absolutely in love with him prior to meeting him. And now that I’ve met him, it’s like I dream about him every night.” (MTV)

Last Friday, Cowell opened up about reaching out to Minaj for involvement in his music competition reality show, “The X-Factor.”

“We spoke to Nicki actually about a lot of projects,” Cowell said in an interview. “It wasn’t specifically about this, but we were just very interested to meet her. I’m a big fan of hers. So I don’t know if it’s gonna be this show or something in the future, but it was definitely somebody I wanted to meet. Off her own back she’s had a phenomenal year last year and she’s gonna have a phenomenal year this year…She’s very smart, very influential, very bright and along with artists like Jessie J. You can’t ignore them and sooner or later they have to be in our world and we have to be in their world.” (XXL Mag)

A day prior, reports emerged online claiming Minaj would not take part in the “X-Factor.”

Don’t plan on seeing Nicki Minaj at the judges table on “X Factor” — TMZ has learned the rapper will NOT be taking a gig on the show. Rumors of Minaj’s participation on the show have been spreading like wildfire … with Simon Cowell himself fanning the flames … but sources connected to Minaj tell us she won’t be a judge on the show …adding, “There’s nothing going on with [X Factor].” (TMZ)

Earlier in the week, Cowell confirmed that meetings with Minaj did take place.

“I think it’s incredible to have a talent like L.A. [Reid] on the show, it only brings more credibility and excitement to The X-Factor. He’s arguably one of the greatest hit-makers in the world,” Cowell said in an interview. “He was one of my first choices to bring on. After years in the music industry, you have look at who has continued to stay relevant — I’m just extremely happy that L.A. will be joining me. He’s really almost like a producer on the show, now…We’ve spoken to [Nicki] but we’ve met so many people that’s it’s just a long, exhausting process that we have to deal with. It’ll be announced in the next week. We were actually introduced a few weeks ago.” (VIBE)

Check out some recent Nicki Minaj footage down below:

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