Nicki Minaj Names Her Dream Collaboration, “[She’s] The Only One On My List I Haven’t Worked With”

Nicki Minaj Names Her Dream Collaboration, “[She’s] The Only One On My List I Haven’t Worked With”

Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj has revealed what artist is currently under her radar as a must-have for her collaboration list.

Although she has linked with artists like Kanye West and Rihanna recently, Minaj is seeking out Jay-Z‘s wife, Beyonce, for a joint record.

“Probably just Beyoncé right now,” revealed Minaj when asked about who she wants to collaborate with. “I’ve worked with just about all my dream collabs, like I’ve worked with Jay-Z and I’ve worked with Kanye and I worked with Rihanna and I’ve worked with Eminem. Those were at the top of my list. Now that I’ve done that, probably the only one on my list that I haven’t worked with that I’m really, really excited about is Beyoncé.” (Us Magazine)

In March, Minaj imagined being able to work with Beyonce.

“I think I could come up with some crazy stuff for Beyoncé,” she said in an interview. “I have things that I write for girls, like R&B singers. Beyoncé, she’s fearless, and I think that she could embody my crazy swag in a female R&B world.” (Rap-Up)

The rapper previously talked about being praised by Beyonce’s husband.

“I was like, ‘What?’ ” Minaj said about Jigga claiming she has “charm.” “Obviously, Jay-Z … Jay-Z is a person in hip-hop that you almost don’t think he exist until you meet him. It’s almost like he’s bigger than a person. He’s a mythical figure. That’s a great way to describe it. I was like, ‘Jay-Z knows me?’ I didn’t think he knew who I was, let alone recommend me for something. If he did know who I was, I didn’t know if he liked my style or approved. It was weird. It was like getting that stamp of approval from the most popular jock in high school and being a freshman in high school and thinking no one knows you exist.” (MTV)

Earlier this year, Minaj discussed writing a record for R&B hitmaker Rihanna.

“I am so territorial, that [from the start] I just felt like whatever I was gonna do I was gonna write it myself,” she says in the new FADER Magazine. “it’s my personal preference to always be in control of everything I do in life…This [Rihanna song] wasn’t supposed to come out in the world with Nicki Minaj on it. This was written for someone else, and I felt so f*cked up behind it. But I thought the beat was very different, and I wanted to write something for Rihanna that showed like, I already shut that sh*t down.” (Blogxilla)

Check out a recent Nicki Minaj interview below:

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