Nicki Minaj Imagines Lil Wayne’s Release From Jail, “He Would Probably Be In The Studio For 60 Days Straight”

Nicki Minaj Imagines Lil Wayne’s Release From Jail, “He Would Probably Be In The Studio For 60 Days Straight”

Nicki Minaj recently pondered what incarcerated rapper Lil Wayne will do when he completes his one-year jail sentence at Rikers Island.

Minaj said she frequently speaks with Wayne.

“I speak to Wayne, he’s in great spirits,” Minaj said in an interview. “He’s hilarious, always making me laugh whenever I talk to him. He’s his same self it seems to me — just even more business-minded. I speak to him often. I know when he comes out, it’s gonna be a problem, ’cause he’s one of those people that needs to get out his thoughts. So I would imagine he would probably be in the studio for 60 days straight. He’ll probably do three albums the day he comes home.” (MTV)

Drake recently shared his views on Wayne’s impact away from the group.

“His approach with his artists is very trusting, very fearless, and because of that, we have been put out into the world like trying to make people love us for who we are on our own, without Wayne,” Drake explained in an interview. “So with Wayne gone, its possible for me and her (Nicki Minaj) to still thrive. I think that’s the best approach and I respect Wayne so much, because he urged us to be ourselves maybe in anticipation for the day that he’s not here. So we can still be ourselves without him. I don’t need Wayne to be Drake. I’m a better Drake when Wayne is here, but I don’t need Wayne to be Drake. Nicki doesn’t need Wayne to be Nicki. She created Nicki [Minaj]. We’re all a better team when he’s here, but it’s not a necessity. For us, it’s a great thing so we can still carry this movement.” (All Hip Hop)

Last May, Young Money’s Lil Twist also reflected on Wayne’s absence from the crew.

“We’ll be fine because [Wayne] has such a big name and now we have three of the hottest stars in the world, including Drake and Nicki, so we can’t lose. We’re gonna continue to run this game. This whole experience has taught me to stay humble and not to get in trouble. I don’t even think my bro did anything wrong. With him being who he is and doing what he does, he needs protection, but there’s different rules in every spot so we’re gonna just make it through. I can’t wait until we can put this behind us. I’m looking forward to working with him again. I’m looking forward to fun and games. I’m looking forward to talking to him about everything like I used to. I just want him to be proud when he sees me. I love my bro.” (VIBE)

YM’s Shanell aka SNL recently talked about visiting Wayne in jail.

“I’ve been up there a few times,” Shanell revealed in an interview. “Nobody likes to see somebody they care about put in that kind of position so it is hard but like again, he never really shows that side of himself. So when you see him, it’s like, ‘What’s up?’ sits down and talks like we’re at the studio or something. But I think it’s a situation that’s gonna bring everybody a whole lot closer because now, outside of music, we all have to deal with each other in a personal way. So when we’re sitting down speaking, you would think we’re speaking about music but it’s more like, ‘How are you doing?’ — I think that everybody is gonna kinda learn from the situation. He’s been reading and observing.” (Rap-Up TV)

Check out Shanell speaking on Lil Wayne in jail down below:

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