Nicki Minaj Hits Kim K Status W/ Jaw-Dropping Booty Selfie

Nicki Minaj Hits Kim K Status W/ Jaw-Dropping Booty Selfie

Young Money’s Nicki Minaj is giving single men a reason to join Instagram this week with the release of a steamy self shot of her lower backside.

Minaj unleashed the unexpected Instagram treat to followers Tuesday (March 18).

The Pink Friday singer shared a booty selfie on Instagram, showing off her tiny waist and round rump while wearing spandex workout pants and a black sports bra. “5 more lbs to go,” Minaj captioned the photo, revealing that she’s putting in work to shed some weight (although her figure seems to be looking more than amazing already). And in case you couldn’t quite see what she’s working with, Minaj was nice enough to post a close-up of her hind quarters. (E! Online)

Earlier this month, Nicki poured out handfuls of steamy shots.

Whether it’s her pasties or sexy selfies, Nicki Minaj knows how to keep everyone looking. The “Lookin Ass” rapper has set Instagram on fire once more with another round of revealing pics. This time, Nicki goes makeup-free and topless as she poses in the bathroom with her wet black hair pulled back and only her hands covering her breasts. “Baby you don’t need make up NATURAL BEAUTY you so gorgeous Nic,” gushed one fan, while another added, “please consider playboy.” (Rap-Up)

Outside of bathroom fun, Minaj recently updated fans on her upcoming Pinkprint solo album.

Nicki says she’s putting her myriad of outside ventures and interests, like fashion, on the back burner while she completes the effort. “I’m just working on the album. Nothing is gonna take precedence over that,” she says. “Nothing matters to me more than creating a classic album right now. All of that can wait. I don’t care about none of that. We at home, working it out.” (Complex)

Earlier this winter, Nicki teased fans about the status of her long-awaited solo effort.

“The Pink Print is not gonna have a release date. You’ll never know when it’s coming until it just comes,” Nicki added. “[Will I pull a BeyoncĂ©?] No, no. I’m not. Not all the way. Just meaning in terms of a release date, I won’t set a release date until the album is really done and I’ve lived with it for a long time. I’m not gonna pull a Bey, but I’m just gonna chill for a second and see how it goes.” (Hot 97)

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