Nicki Minaj Gives Twerk Lessons In Must-See Clip: “You Can’t Just Work Out, You’ve Gotta Twerk Out” [Video]

Nicki Minaj Gives Twerk Lessons In Must-See Clip: “You Can’t Just Work Out, You’ve Gotta Twerk Out” [Video]

Young Money starlet Nicki Minaj is pumping new life into the twerk craze by teaming up with comedienne/talk show host Ellen DeGeneres for a must-watch parody on the booty-shaking dance.

In a promo for fictional DVD “Extreme Home Twerk Out,” Nicki sparks laughs with her short segment.

Twerking mania is sweeping the nation. Now Nicki Minaj shares her “big ass secret” on how to twerk in a new infomercial for Ellen. Thanks to her Extreme Home Twerk Out DVD, you too can have the “perfect hourglass figure.” “If you want to look amazing, you can’t just work out. You’ve gotta twerk out,” says the voluptuous celebrity endorser. Plus, she shares testimonials from some satisfied twerkers. Watch them get in shape while twerking. (Rap-Up)

Nicki’s previous endeavor into the twerk world became public knowledge back in August.

If you Google “how to stunt” this photo should be the number one result. Nicki Minaj posted this pic to her Instagram of herself on top of her Maybach in front of a G4. Thankfully she is in socks, because this could have ended badly for her and the roof of the car. We wish the person taking the photo was a little closer. Maybe next time. (Complex)

While she initially downplayed some recent poolside twerk footage, Nicki eventually gushed over showing off her assets in an interview last summer.

“It was like three seconds, come on, yo,” Nicki said when asked about her twerking video. “People are crazy. [laughs] Of course I saw it, I put it out, I was in a [bikini] in a pool, it goes down, ya dig? Number one twerk team captain. Ya dig? B*tches wanna come get it, ya dig? [laughs]” (Hot 97)

Weeks after R&B singer Rihanna had a twerk video go viral, Minaj made sure to follow suit with her own must-see footage in July.

She’s twerked on land … and now Nicki Minaj is twerking at sea — and fortunately for the human race, she captured the entire aquatic adventure on tape. A bikini-clad Minaj twerked off inside of a swimming pool — wearing a skimpy little bikini that accentuated her legendary badonk. Your move, Rihanna. (TMZ)

Check out Nicki Minaj’s “Twerk Out” clip:

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