Nicki Minaj Gets Ready To Show Off “Stupid H*e” Music Video

Nicki Minaj Gets Ready To Show Off “Stupid H*e” Music Video

Young Money star Nicki Minaj has hinted at the release of her “Stupid H*e” record off the upcoming Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded album suggesting it will premiere in a matter of days.

Although she did not give out an exact date, Minaj told her 8.2 million Twitter followers to expect its release soon.

“Looking @ the Stupid Hoe 1st edit….omfg. Ur gna spazzzz,” she tweeted January 7th.

“Wait til u c da vid next wk!!! > RT @iDGAF_Chriss: That random burst of energy you get when listening to #StupidHoe by @NICKIMINAJ <3" (Nicki Minaj’s Twitter)

Around mid-December, Nicki revealed the music video was in production.

Amidst rumors of the track possibly being aimed at a certain BK femcee, Nicki Minaj is gearing up to release her upcoming video for the new single, “Stupid Hoe.” Last night, the YMCMB rapstress took to Twitter to describe just how eccentric the video will be. “Next shot is in a bathing suit and terrence got me eating fried chkn and carrot cake!” she tweeted. Minaj will be using multiple costumes in the video, as well as setups. “Barbz, shld i twerk in the stupid hoe vid???” she asked her followers. (XXL Mag)

Following the song’s December release, speculation grew on who Minaj actually targets.

Two weeks after dropping “Roman in Moscow,” the first single off “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” (Feb. 14), Nicki Minaj’s alter ego Roman Zolanski returns to fires shots on her newest song, ” Stupid Hoe.” “B*tch talkin’ she the queen when she looking like lab rat,” Minaj raps in the beginning of “Stupid Hoe.” Is Minaj talking about Lil Kim, also known as the Queen Bee? The shots carry throughout the song, as Minaj transitions from rhyming to singing and back again, “Stupid hoe is my enemy/ Stupid hoe is so wack/ Stupid hoe should have be-friended/ Then she could have probably came back.” Sonically, the new track sounds quite similar to “I Get Crazy,” a cut off Minaj’s last mixtape, “Beam Me Up Scotty.” (The Juice)

As things currently stand, the rapper’s sophomore album is slated to come out next month.

“‘Roman in Moscow’ is like a teaser to Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, which will drop on Valentine’s Day,” Minaj said. “When I say it’s a teaser, it’s like a trailer to the movie, it’s like setting the stage and I just wanted to touch the surface. It’s the wackest thing on Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.” On the song, Roman is fired up and wreaking havoc all over Moscow. “Well, he was there [in Moscow] secretly because [alter ego] Martha wanted him to go there, so they put him in this thing with monks and nuns; they were trying to rehabilitate him,” Minaj explained. “But I can’t tell exactly what happened, you’ll just see it in the video format, but let’s just say he got out of there.” Minaj added that the video for “Roman in Moscow” “will be shot real soon.” (MTV)

Check out Nicki Minaj’s “Stupid H*e” below:

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