Nicki Minaj & Funkmaster Flex Face-Off, Address Summer Jam Incident [Audio]

Nicki Minaj & Funkmaster Flex Face-Off, Address Summer Jam Incident [Audio]

Despite promising to presumably end Nicki Minaj‘s career during his Monday (June 4) night Hot 97 radio show, Funkmaster Flex spoke to the self-proclaimed Barbie about her unexpected no-show at this past weekend’s Summer Jam concert.

Shortly after his show started up, Flex promised fans he would stay level-headed.

“New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, what’s going on? So, today, New York City, I’m going to talk to Nicki Minaj. And I’m going to ask her everything we need to know. And we’re going to talk about this to the end,” Flex said. “I was tight, yesterday. New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, I was in a place. I was seeing a color, a shade of–it was like a combination of burgandy and orange, at the time, if you can visualize that. … I then calmed down a little bit. Put another plan in action. Which we’re going to get to today. So we’re going to speak to Nicki Minaj in a little while.” (“Funkmaster Flex Show”)

Nicki called in a couple hours later to speak on the Summer Jam no-show.

“Flex. I need you to breathe. You’re not even listening and I need you to simma. For three hours, we emailed [Hot 97 manager Ebro Darden], and actually, my manager was the first person to tell me: Yo, you’re not going on that stage,” she revealed. “[Lil] Wayne was the second person. For three hours, we could not get a resolution. [CEO of Hip Hop Since 1978] G. Roberson emailed me, and said: Hey, I need you on the phone. Ebro said ‘Let me get to the bottom of this.’ You know I love Ebro. After he sent that e-mail, we never heard back. … Flex…I’m not even going to say what could’ve happened yesterday, and please don’t interrupt. Relax. Relax. This is the real reason why I called you. You said something about my record sales.” (“Funkmaster Flex Show”)

Minaj then went on to defend her album-selling ability in light of perceived low Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded record sales.

“And I want you to pull up your roster from everyone who was performing on your show. My first album sold 375,000 copies in its first week. My first album has gone on to sell 3.5 million records. My second album is at 900,000 worldwide, plus a three million selling single. If you don’t know, call Matt Voss at Universal, Flex, do the math, m-a-t-h, that’s one-point-two-million on my second album. Even without the single, I’ve sold. Three. Point. Five. Million. Albums. In Two Years. I want you before you ever open your mouth–it’s so misleading, when I saw Foxy Brown, she said, Nic, why are they saying things about your sales when you’ve gone number one in four countries? You know who the last one to do that was, Flex? The person previous to me was Eminem in 2010.” (“Funkmaster Flex Show”)

The female rap star also promised to perform a free New York City show to make-up for her Summer Jam no-show.

“Just run the entire interview. Don’t chop nothing else. I will tell you this one last thing: When I sat in the restaurant last night with my team, Beenie [Man] said, Nicki: Do you know what would happen if someone in Jamaica went on stage last night before I performed to the crowd? He said n*ggas would be in the hos-pit-al. But let me tell you: Nothing is worse than going home and having not played a gig. I just wanna leave with saying this: I’m gonna make this up to my fans. And I want my fans to know, nothing, no radio station, no one can alter our relationship. I have a very personal relationship with my fans, and I’m truly sorry that people’s nights were ruined. You guys have no idea, I’ve gone through hell and back. I’m not a quitter. I show up and perform. I went with my team’s decision, and I made history, and the next time I come out, people won’t disrespect me. And for once, I feel like I’ve really really shown the world, I love and respect myself, and people aren’t gonna go there any more. And you know what, Flex? Hit me on the email, it’s all good.” (“Funkmaster Flex Show”)

Check out a portion of the interview below:

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