Nicki Minaj Freezes Up In New Pepsi Commercial [Video]

Nicki Minaj Freezes Up In New Pepsi Commercial [Video]

Young Money star Nicki Minaj‘s much talked about Pepsi campaign has finally been unveiled in a new commercial showcasing the platinum-selling rapper drawing fans together.

In the new commercial, Pepsi uses her “Moment 4 Life” for its overlying theme as a couple journey to see Minaj.

The clip, set to a remix of Minaj’s hit ‘Moment for Life,’ opens with a cute brunette couple popping open some cans of — what else? — Pepsi. The song choice was a deliberate one, because as soon as they start sipping, time stops. The duo takes advantage of this and goes on a global adventure. After strolling through the streets, they hit the beach to see if it’s still, well, still. It is. They’re beginning to both enjoy and get the hang of this. They each take another sip and then take photos with the frozen athletes playing soccer on the sand, then hit the road again. (Pop Crush)

With time still frozen, Minaj is freed when the couple snatch up a Pepsi at her concert.

Next the couple are making their way through a food fight, and even in frozen time they can’t help but get covered in tomato. They have fun with it, though, and bring some of their new (literal) sauciness with them to a fashion show in Tokyo, where they strut their stuff on a time-stopped runway — with a cameo from bubbly fashion designer Betsey Johnson. At the end of the runway is an exit. The duo make a run for it and end up, finally, at a Nicki Minaj concert, onstage with the Harajuku Barbie herself. They each take another can of Pepsi, pop ‘em and take a sip. This makes time begin again, and Minaj and the crowd are having a ball. After some dancing and knowing glances, the couple takes a stage dive and sets the world back in motion. Sounds like a poppin’ night to us. (Pop Crush)

Pepsi reps have already stepped forward to weigh in on their partnership with Minaj.

Simon Lowden, chief marketing officer, Pepsi Beverages Company, said in a press release, “The ‘Live for Now’ positioning will inform the way Pepsi behaves as a brand and is a fantastic filter through which to create exciting and innovative partnerships with some of the world’s leading artists and entertainment properties.” (Ace Showbiz)

Along with Nicki, Pepsi also has a Michael Jackson campaign in the works.

Pepsi is also preparing to launch another campaign for the 25th-anniversary of Michael Jackson’s iconic album Bad. According to Billboard, the marketing campaign, which will launch in mid-May, includes a series of Jackson remixes from popular DJs. A-Trak confirmed to HuffPost that he is involved and Skrillex and Diplo are reportedly connected to the project. The remixed tracks will be available for download exclusively via a Pepsi-can promotion. (Huffington Post)

Check out Nicki Minaj’s Pepsi commercial below:

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