Nicki Minaj Brings That Azz To Hollywood, Jay-Z Takes Blue To Paris, Vida Guerra Still Smokin’ At 40

Nicki Minaj Brings That Azz To Hollywood, Jay-Z Takes Blue To Paris, Vida Guerra Still Smokin’ At 40


In this week’s Pulse Report, we’re going to tip our caps to Nicki Minaj finally taking the Hollywood scene seriously, watch in amazement as Jay-Z shows Blue Ivy Carter how to get down in Paris, drool over Vida Guerra still lookin’ stunning at 40 and oh SOHH much more!

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1. Azz-tremely Interesting


I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but I want to see if Nicki Minaj can really act. Yeah, we’ve seen her big girl ways on the Young Money team and how she uses that whiny-sounding voice on “American Idol,” but when the cameras start rolling and there’s a multi-million dollar budget on the line, can she pull it off? I had to snatch up this goodie and spread it out.


When she’s not busy with “American Idol” and music, Nicki Minaj is prepping her first official debut on the movie screen. According to various reports, Minaj is set to appear in Nick Cassavetes’s upcoming comedy, The Other Woman. Minaj will join a cast that includes Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton, Leslie Mann, Jaime Lannister, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. The story focuses on Diaz, who finds out her husband (Coster-Waldau) is cheating on her with various women. Along with the husband’s current wife (Mann), Diaz plots for revenge. Nicki, who’s in the final discussion stages, would play the role of Diaz’s nosey, blunt assistant at law firm. Filming is scheduled to being next month in New York City. (Miss Info TV)

It’s going to take a lot for me to really believe Nicki is capable of really acting. We’ve seen the works of 5-0 Cent, Beanie Sigel and Snoop Dogg, and nothing very impressive at all. I’ll give her those voice-over props but as far as trying to sell real tickets at the box office? Show and prove!

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  • acapwn

    Damn. I didn’t know that Iggy chick had an ass like that!

  • Real Talk

    damn Nicki is taller than Wayne in that pic..dude is like 3’8 tall

  • Bad Ass Guy

    thought u are gay, why do you care?

  • YoYo

    Look at you admiring another mans height haha

  • Weedras

    lol! i don’t get this dude you gonna try and hate on a chick getting excited for getting an album deal… man i may not be a fan of all artists rappers/singers etc. but if someone’s is making positive progress in their lives why be an ass about it…


    Based on Jay’s hair in those picture’s it looks like the rumors of JAY-Z’s new album being worked on & coming fairly soon is true!

  • acapwn

    Are you high?

  • Royce


  • Lilbloodz 300

    Still want to fuck her
    Just saying

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