Nicki Minaj Brings Barbie Power To VIBE, “Check Out A Sneak Peak Of My Cover!”

Nicki Minaj Brings Barbie Power To VIBE, “Check Out A Sneak Peak Of My Cover!”

Young Money’s Nicki Minaj has announced that she will be featured on the cover of VIBE’s June issue.

Yesterday, Nicki broke the news of her latest cover via Twitter.

check out a sneak peak of my Vibe Mag cover!

While the official cover shot has not yet been released, VIBE has begun unveiling photo shoot outtakes.

Who wants to keep a secret like this…Nicki Minaj is going to grace the June/July Vibe Magazine cover and here is an outtake to prove it! No, this is not the actual cover. Just a teaser make you go crazy. Can’t get enough? Peep this sizzling-hot photo gallery of Nicki Minaj over time. (VIBE)

Last February, Nicki made her magazine cover debut on FADER, which was later followed by a number of other covers including XXL Magazine.

“Anybody that knows me knows that I have a very, very bipolar personality, so one minute I’m excited and the next minute I’m crying and the next minute I’m cussing and yelling and the next minute I’m singing Enya,” Nicki told FADER writer Julianne Escobedo Shepherd. “I’m not kidding. And the point is, my rap style now reflects my true personality. Because I am so weird…I wish I could fricking remember the first boob that I signed. I don’t know why I did it, but now I can’t go anywhere and not do it. People come up to me wherever I am, girls, sexy girls, like, ‘Can you sign my boob?’ I mean, n*ggas in the club look at me like I’m a pimp. They like, Whaaat? Cause they be fly chicks. I don’t know, but I do know it’s a great thing.” (The FADER)

Preparing her debut album for a fall release, Nicki has received numerous co-signs by male artists including Jay-Z, Redman, Game and Shawty Lo.

“I think she’s working very hard,” Shawty said in an interview. “For Nicki to have a straight single of her own and it’s bubbling and to be the hottest thing out there, man, it’s great. I think it’s just her image that captured the whole thing she do. The whole Barbie, that whole image. That girl is going wild right now. Big shouts to Nicki man, keep doing your thing. Shouts to my man Drake, too, he’s doing his thing — I can’t say what’s wack. It’s about what you look. Everybody do not like the same stuff, you got people that don’t like Shawty Lo. Shawty Lo don’t like all rappers, but you know, but who knows what people like. It’s your preference, everybody has their own opinion.” (Vlad TV)

Check out a recent Nicki Minaj interview down below:

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