Nicki Minaj Breaks “Big Fat A** W/ Baby Oil Being Poured” Instagram Promise

Nicki Minaj Breaks “Big Fat A** W/ Baby Oil Being Poured” Instagram Promise

Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj is not allowing posers to take over her image and has decided to let loose by officially joining popular photo-sharing social outlet Instagram.

Prior to uploading her inaugural shots, Nicki explained why she had no other choice but to join Instagram.

“I do NOT have Instagram. OnikaM is NOT me. Guess I have to make a real one to counter attack. I’m sure that’s why Instagram won’t delete it,” Nicki tweeted Friday (July 5). (Nicki Minaj’s Twitter)

Within hours of joining, Nicki’s already snatched up over 60,000 followers.

Since joining, Minaj has posted four photos, one featuring the singer in the classic “my babe caught me sleeping pose” (a.k.a. a closed-eye selfie), one that appears to be a reblogged professional shot with Nelly and Pharrell and a few artistic renderings of the singer. Since joining, Minaj has amassed more than 60,000 followers and several thousand comments and likes. (MTV)

Coincidentally, the rapper promised to be a bit more edgy with her first-ever Instagram photo earlier this year.

“my 1st instagram pic gon be a big fat ass w/baby oil being poured on it. who’s ready?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!,” Nicki tweeted January 11. (Nicki Minaj’s Twitter)

A couple months ago, Nicki talked about social media outlets and why some teenagers should not be afraid to pull back.

“My journey to who I am today began on MySpace,” she says. “I love getting real opinions from people. … I used to read the bad things people said about me. Then I asked myself, ‘Why am I reading that when I have millions of people saying great things?’ You cannot give negativity power. I tell teens, if you’re having a problem, there’s nothing wrong with deleting your social media. If people keep taunting you and you keep reading it, it’s poison.” (Teen Vogue)

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