Nick Cannon Taunts W/ His Eminem Show

Nick Cannon Taunts W/ His Eminem Show

Television actor/rapper Nick Cannon is not letting his past feud with Eminem go away by targeting his hip-hop rival on an upcoming Showtime comedy special.

Weekend reports claim Cannon will mock Em on his May 14th special, “Mr. Showbiz.”

“Nick Cannon: Mr Showbiz” will see the rapper and comedian tackle a wide range of topics, from his marriage to Mariah Carey to his rivalry with controversial rapper Eminem. “In his first ever comedy special, the popular comic actor and musician reveals surprisingly edgy, hysterically honest tales of his failed attempts at being a gangster, his humble roots, marriage, fatherhood, and his thoughts about the rapper Eminem,” a spokesperson for the network confirmed through Starpulse. (Digital Spy)

Cannon’s special is reportedly based out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Cannon will make a return to stand-up May 14 at 9pm on cable network Showtime with the hour-long special Nick Cannon: Mr. Showbiz, which was recorded at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. Cannon apparently intends to use the platform to let his hair down a bit – and he apparently addresses Slim Shady publicly during his act. (RapFix)

Last summer, Cannon dropped the diss record, “I’m A Slick Rick,” accusing Em of avoiding a face-to-face confrontation.

“Now once upon a time in a far away life,” Nick raps using Slick Rick‘s tone of voice. “There lived a young man who was so outstanding, to make it interesting it’s me, Nick Cannon — Now here’s a little something that needs to be heard/Yo I’ma serve this clown, now/Word, Nick?/Word/I don’t know if I should hit him because he’s feminine Slick, excuse me Eminem why you lying on your d*ck?/Erectile dysfunction, you wanna get ‘em up — I see your mouth moving but you soft, Teddy Ruxpin/I tried to holla at you at the BET show, but you were scared of the trouble/More security than the Pope/And while you was in your bubble, I was rolling dolo, any time your face is in the streets is some signs for promo/Oh no, there’s been a mistake, see my name is Slick Nick, not Shady Flakes/I’ma mop you up with my wop like it’s ’88…” (“I’m A Slick Rick”)

Em’s Shady Records labelmate and D12 group member Bizarre later responded to Cannon.

“I heard it,” Bizarre told radio host Angela Yee. “It was absolutely terrible. Terrible. He was trying to act like he was Slick Rick. He was terrible and [just] a God awful rapper. But him trying to do a Slick Rick accent was just absolutely horrible…You don’t want that one-on-one with Marshall. Nick, you don’t want that one-on-one.” (Shade 45)

Check out some recent Nick Cannon footage below:

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