Nick Cannon Gives Out His Digits, “My Wife Is Going To Kill Me Over This” [Audio]

Nick Cannon Gives Out His Digits, “My Wife Is Going To Kill Me Over This” [Audio]

Television star/rapper Nick Cannon shocked fans and his wife this week after publicly announcing the private phone number during a live radio broadcast.

Cannon officially gave out the digits during a Thursday (April 21) airing.

“Think before you speak.” Clearly, Nick Cannon has never heard this saying before. Cannon was hosting his radio show on Apr. 21 and decided to drop his actual home phone number while on the air. Oh, and his pregnant wife Mariah Carey was on the line when he did it. She was not amused. “Fan-freakin’-tastic,” Carey says after Cannon tells her what he did. (Zap 2 It)

After the announcement, Cannon considered the repercussions.

Nick Cannon made a big mistake while joking around on his morning radio show Thursday (April 21), accidentally giving out his home phone number to listeners. The 30-year-old, who hosts a show on New York City’s WXRK 92.3 NOW, gave out the number only to realize that it may have been a bad idea. “My wife is going to kill me over this,” he tweeted after the incident. “Sometimes I get a little to [sic] carried away on the radio … ” (The Boom Box)

Cannon’s ultimate goal was to prove his loyalty to fans.

“Call me at anytime whatever’s on your mind. I’m trying to prove that I love my people and I will do anything for you, so I want to prove a point! I’m going to give out my home phone number. The reason why I’m doing this is because I’m leaving on paternity leave whenever the babies are born and I want to stay in contact with my people. I’m gonna pick up 212-524-2998.” (RumorFix)

Outside of digits, he is currently hosting a new weekly countdown music show.

Nick Cannon – actor, stand-up comic, TV host, radio personality – is about to become a daddy. But that hasn’t stopped his workaholic ways. He just keeps adding more to his plate. Starting Saturday morning, April 23, he will be heard locally on V-103 doing a new weekly syndicated countdown music show. You’ll hear him do a top 20 urban music countdown. (He also does a pop version but not here.) (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Check out Nick Cannon’s announcement below:

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