Nick Cannon Challenges Bloggers, “I Will Give You My Phone Number” [Video]

Nick Cannon Challenges Bloggers, “I Will Give You My Phone Number” [Video]

Nick Cannon has addressed the recent Internet disses from bloggers by offering his personal information for them to meet him face-to-face.

Cannon discussed a recent issue he had with a female blogger and prompted others to reach out to him personally.

“I guess she ain’t really realize I was a real n*gga,” Cannon said in an interview. “On my site, as a comment to me, like, ‘Nick, you need to do this with your and eff like this’ and I was like yo, there’s a line that you cross…I take respect real seriously and when you cross what I feel like you’re offending my personal space, I wanna give you the full opportunity to say whatever you need to say to my face directly. So wherever you at, I’ma let you know when I’m in that area so you can come and tell me…Anybody else who got some reckless sh*t to say on the Internet, I will give you my phone number. We can exchange. If you really feel that bad about it, if you really have those harsh personal feelings against me, lets deal with it.” (YouTube)

The rapper-turned-actor has previously addressed negative comments found on his website, including a claim that he’s being sued by the jeweler who got him Mariah Carey‘s wedding ring.

“Ridiculous! I just got like three new major multi-million dollar deals in the last two months,” he wrote. Cannon also noted that Mariah deserves to be “showered” with gifts, adding, quote, “as long as I live I will spend all my money on her and never touch a dime of hers.” (Fredy Yo)

Aside from speaking on bloggers, Cannon signed a two-year partnership with Nickelodeon

earlier this month as the network’s Honorary Chairman for the kids-based channel.

“I started my career here at Nickelodeon and am so excited to be back, serving as an integral part of TEENick as the in-house voice and representative for teens everywhere,” said Cannon in a statement. “TEENick is their network and I am here to make sure this is an ultimate destination for and about them.” (PR News Wire)

Check out Nick Canon addressing bloggers below:

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