“N*ggas In Paris” Boy Drops Monstrous Jay-Z Hit [Video]

“N*ggas In Paris” Boy Drops Monstrous Jay-Z Hit [Video]

G.O.O.D. Music’s Hit-Boy is looking to prove he is much more than a platinum-selling producer by testing his hand out at rapping on the new “Jay-Z Interview” record.

Hit-Boy officially premiered his new song with an accompanying music video Thursday (June 7).

On Thursday (June 7), the California track dealer debuted the song and video for his first rap single, “Jay-Z Interview,” and boy is it good. The Jelani Fresh-directed clip starts with Hov introducing Hit-Boy to the crowd at a Watch the Throne concert. “This young man is an incredible producer, a lot of passion. He made one of the most incredible records of all time,” Jigga said, referencing Hit-Boy’s board work on the Throne’s “N—as in Pairs.” “Can y’all invite him to the circle? You ready for that Hit-Boy?” Jay asks. With that, Hit-Boy the rapper is born. “All these n—as really know my at-bat average/ Ridiculous rap patterns/ And f— who you know, this youngin got the coldest beats/ All my old hoes layin’ in the coldest sheets/ Even if they married, they still ain’t over me,” he confidently raps over a soulful Bink beat. (MTV)

Following its release, the hit-maker talked about putting “Jay-Z Interview” together.

“I had the name even before I wrote the song. I had the name for maybe two months — maybe longer than that, maybe four months — before I had even written the song. I just knew that was a great title for a song and I just kept it, wrote it down in my notes, and finally got the right beat from [producer] Bink. I started hashtagging it and people just caught on. It became its own phenomenon and made it to TV. They [MTV’s Hip Hop POV] showed it on TV and showed me the power of social media.” (Vulture)

He also discussed a few comparisons of the track getting matched up to mentor Kanye West’s breakout “Through the Wire.”

“I wanted to give something personal and I would reference that video [“Through the Wire”]. Just showing it [“Jay-Z Interview”] to people in the last week or so, they automatically say that it reminds them of when they first saw or heard Kanye, so I can’t escape that.” (Vulture)

Hit-Boy officially joined the likes of Yeezy’s G.O.O.D. Music family last year.

“Yeah, man it’s definitely official,” Hit said when asked about the new association. “We’ve got a lot of things going with Kanye West right now. Just be on the lookout. I’m a part of the production team, so I’ll be working on various projects over there, pretty much everybody from [Kid] Cudi to ‘Ye to Big Sean–everybody…It’s been in the works for three months, since ‘Christmas in Harlem.’ We just had to get the business right and it finally came together. I signed a couple of weeks ago.” (VIBE)

Check out the “Jay-Z Interview” music video below:

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