NFL’s Chris Johnson Calls Himself Football’s Lil Wayne, “I’m The Best In The Game”

NFL’s Chris Johnson Calls Himself Football’s Lil Wayne, “I’m The Best In The Game”

With the NFL pre-season officially kicked off this week, Tennessee Titans star running back Chris Johnson recently spoke to SOHH and proclaimed himself the Lil Wayne of football.

While he sees himself as Weezy on the turf, Johnson said the Young Money head honcho is also his favorite rapper.

“I’m strictly a hip-hop guy,” Johnson told SOHH through publicists Jonathan Hay and Justin Melo. “I listen to Lil Wayne mainly. My favorite Lil Wayne song of all time is a song called ‘Bloodline.’ — I always listen to the same artists, it doesn’t matter which team we’re playing. I would have to say [I’m closest in comparison to] Lil Wayne because I feel like I’m the best in the game and he’s the best in the rap game right now.” (SOHH)

Last March, Latin actress/singer Jennifer Lopez called Wayne her favorite rapper out.

“God, you know, years ago, it used to be Nas,” Jennifer Lopez revealed in the chat on Saturday (March 12). “I used to love Nas, he was my favorite of all time. And I think now, if I had to pick somebody current, it would probably be Lil Wayne. To me, he’s the, [it’s] the things he says and the way he says it, it’s very unique. I feel he has a fresh new voice and I just like him. Plus he’s on my second single.” (Saturday Night Online)

Johnson recently gave SOHH the inside scoop on his new music label, Flashy Lifestyle Entertainment.

“Flashy Lifestyle Entertainment is a hip-hop label that I started with Kenny Turner,” Johnson told publicists Jonathan Hay and Justin Melo for SOHH. “We have four different solo artists and one group on the label that all go hard. The solo artists go by the names of Pressure Dommer, Lil EZ, Ballie and Stakkhouse. The group goes by the name of The Elite Squad. They are all working on material right now and we’re about to release a label compilation mixtape very soon called Greenlight.” (SOHH)

This week, the Titans football team revealed plans to make Johnson their highest paid running back ever.

On Thursday the Titans announced they are willing to meet Johnson’s demands — as soon as the Pro Bowl back shows up to camp. Titans General Manager Mike Reinfeldt‘s announcement Thursday that the team is “willing to make [Johnson] the highest-paid running back in the history of the NFL” reportedly came as a shock to Johnson, who at the time was somewhere else, presumably doing something else. (The Washington Post)

Check out some recent Chris Johnson footage below:

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