NFL Star Chris Johnson Tackles By Day, Gets “Flashy” By Night

NFL Star Chris Johnson Tackles By Day, Gets “Flashy” By Night

With the NFL season nearly set for kick-off, Tennessee Titans star running back Chris Johnson decided to hit up SOHH and reveal his interest in making a run in the music industry.

With plans to make it big in the music biz, Johnson has launched a new record label called Flashy Lifestyle Entertainment.

“Flashy Lifestyle Entertainment is a hip-hop label that I started with Kenny Turner,” Johnson told publicists Jonathan Hay and Justin Melo for SOHH. “We have four different solo artists and one group on the label that all go hard. The solo artists go by the names of Pressure Dommer, Lil EZ, Ballie and Stakkhouse. The group goes by the name of The Elite Squad. They are all working on material right now and we’re about to release a label compilation mixtape very soon called Greenlight.” (SOHH)

Already known for his football talent, Johnson explained his motivation to venture out into the music industry.

“Music is always something I wanted to somehow be a part of,” he added. “I always wanted to be a rapper or be involved with the rap industry in some sort of fashion. Flashy Lifestyle and the artists that we have — have given me the opportunity to finally do that.” (SOHH)

Rap mogul Diddy previously revealed his high school dream of becoming a professional football player.

“I never really had aspirations to become a recording artist, or a producer, or a music mogul or anything like that. I loved American football. So throughout grade school and high school I was pursuing a dream to become a professional American football player. My last year of high school, before you go to college, my leg got broke. I had broke my leg right before my most important season when the scouts come to see you. So I entered into a real serious state of depression. That was my dream. I didn’t plan on doing anything else. I had no ‘Plan B.'” (“Tim Westwood TV”)

Chris Johnson has been the Tennessee Titans star rning back since 2008.

Adding world-class speed and big-play ability to the rushing attack, Chris Johnson has quickly emerged as one of the NFL’s top young offensive stars. The former first-round pick has the uncanny ability to score from anywhere on the field. He produced one of the most extraordinary seasons by a running back in league history when he amassed a franchise-best 2,006 rushing yards and an NFL-record 2,509 yards from scrimmage in 2009. (Titans Online)

Check out some footage of Chris Johnson below:

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