Newcomers The Knux “Ain’t Worried About Making Money,” Speak On Turning Down Offer To Sign W/ Eminem

The Knux

On the verge of releasing their highly anticipated debut album, Remind Me in 3 Days, SOHH checked-in with hip-hop duo The Knux to find out how the project will benefit rap music, what experience was gained having toured with Common and how they convinced Jimmy Iovine that art is more important than money.

Officially signed to Interscope Records, the pair, composed of New Orleans-bred brothers Krispy Kream and Rah Al Millio, have made the journey into a musical genre mostly dominated by tough lyrics and flossy swagger. Describing how difficult it is to break down their style, the duo explained where their influences stem from. 

“It’s a little rock. A little electronic band. Heavy f*cking hip-hop,” Krispy told SOHH. “We treat it like a blank canvas and we just start f*cking paintin’. And there’s no colors excluded from the canvas, so we can just put anything we want on that canvas, you know what I mean? That’s how we see it, like art.”

Claiming their main technique is rolling various styles “up in to one blunt,” Knux also detailed where their stage name originated from and how they passed on a chance to join Eminem‘s roster.  

“We used to be the Knuckle Heads,” Al informed SOHH. “They used to call us the Knux, we used to write songs and hooks and all the industry cats would be like, ‘Yo, I want the Knux.’ Paul [Rosenberg] wanted to manage us when we got out of our management deal. Paul actually wanted us to sign to Shady Records but we actually weren’t looking for that particular situation, we just wanted a manager — in 2005.”   

Despite rumors circulating about the duo being booed and leaving fans puzzled while opening up for Common’s Finding Forever tour in summer 2007, the brothers laughingly denied all accusations. 
“That sh*t is a total f*cking lie,” Krispy said. “Our bio is mad dramatic. It’s from the Interscope publicity department to make it seem more dramatic. We were on tour f*cking rocking those shows. Like literally, we got so many fans from doing that. We got no boos at any show. Com was just real with us. He’s like one of the realest motherf*ckers in the music industry.”

While today’s record sales continue to slump, Knux feel success is now being measured in a completely new format. 

“In this craft, music, I’m not worried about making money. I just want to be doing this sh*t for the art,” Al added. “Jimmy [Iovine] understood and with him being a music dude, Jimmy used to be a producer man. He produced like, The Ramones and worked with John Lennon and sh*t. And a lot of people don’t even know this about Jimmy. We actually talked to him about all this and he wanted to give creative control. All the labels are reformatted now. When they go in to these board meetings, their expectations are lower now which is making it good for the artists.” 
Having completed the new album in August 2007, the duo anticipate bringing back the essence of hip-hop with its release.  
“The album, basically, is going to be a taste of all different types of styles and sh*t,” Al explained. “Like you’re going to hear a lot of classic material that we put a lot into the production. You’re gonna hear some real good songs, clever rhymes schemes and you definitely gonna hear some different tempos. You’re gonna hear some people rapping on sh*t that you never thought motherf*ckers could rap on. It’s gonna be fun. It’s gonna be interesting.

Remind Me in 3 Days hits shelves on Tuesday, October 28.

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