New Details In Cee Lo Sexual Assault Crime Surface

New Details In Cee Lo Sexual Assault Crime Surface

Less than a day after reports emerged accusing Cee Lo Green of sexually assaulting a woman, new details now claim it all went down in a Los Angeles sushi restaurant.

According to the latest reports, police have already started investigating the location.

Sources tell us, detectives went to the restaurant last week and interviewed several employees, including the manager, to determine if anyone saw the alleged attack. We’re told the accuser is NOT an employee of the restaurant …she’s someone Cee Lo brought to dinner. Cee Lo tells us the woman’s claims are BS and that he hasn’t been to the restaurant for 3 months. Our sources say, the accuser told cops the alleged incident occurred several months ago. It’s unclear why she waited so long to file a police report. (TMZ)

Reports of the Goodie Mob member’s crime circulated online yesterday.

Law enforcement sources tell us … a woman recently filed a police report with the LAPD, accusing “The Voice” judge – real name Thomas DeCarlo Callaway — of a sexual assault. Our sources say detectives have already visited a restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles in connection with the case and questioned several employees, including the manager. We do not know if the alleged incident occurred at the restaurant. The LAPD is mum on the identity of the alleged victim, when and where the incident allegedly occurred, and what Cee Lo allegedly did. (TMZ)

Following the accusation, Cee immediately pleaded his case and proclaimed innocence.

Cee Lo tells TMZ he categorically denies ANY wrongdoing. In fact, the singer says he hasn’t been to the restaurant in question in 3 months … and insists, “Nothing ever happened there or anywhere else.” We also spoke with a source who is constantly with Cee Lo … who tells us, “I have never seen Cee Lo act in a physical way toward anybody.” The investigation is in its infancy … no charges have been filed and the case has not been referred to prosecutors. (TMZ)

Outside of crime-related topics, he is reportedly set to star in an upcoming flick called C.R.E.A.M.

There’s also a biopic in development, which he says will star Erykah Badu and Cee Lo Green as his parents. Raekwon says the pair “had an opportunity to see the script. They read it, and they were blown away.” “It’s a life story that paints a picture of an urban guy in the inner city,” Raekwon continues, “and all they know is they wanna get out of here one way or another, whether they’re making money in the street or whether they get a job. There are just so many obstacles you have to go through to learn how to survive the streets, because you want this green so bad.” (Billboard)

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