New Common Album Pushed Back, Kanye “Punches” In Guest Spot


Chicago rapper Common‘s highly anticipated album Universal Mind Control has been pushed back nearly an entire month prompting him to make modifications to various tracks.

According to Billboard, the project, originally scheduled to drop in July under the title Invincible Summer, is undergoing its fourth consecutive setback having previously been planned to drop in September and November.

Led by the Pharrell assisted singles “Announcement” and “Universal Mind Control,” Common has added the new records “Gladiator” and “Inhale.”

Additional adjustments to the album include “Punch Drunk Love” as Kanye West takes over the chorus questioning “Am I crazy, or was you giving me the eye?” and “Sex 4 Sugar” which has added faster drums as Com reportedly has a conversation with a dancer.

Another change is the newly titled “Everywhere,” originally titled “Runaway,” offering a dreamy layered chorus as opposed to the track’s original chorus by singer Santogold.

The 10-track release will not feature production from Ye who was responsible for Com’s last two albums, Be and Finding Forever. Providing a different sound for fans, the Chi-town rapper’s record will still be predominately produced by The Neptunes and Mr. DJ.

Universal Mind Control is currently scheduled to drop Tuesday, December 9 via Geffen Records.

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