New Boyz Want ‘Lights Off’ Time W/ Nicki Minaj, Sarah Palin & Kat Stacks, “I Might Put A Bag Over Her Face”

New Boyz Want ‘Lights Off’ Time W/ Nicki Minaj, Sarah Palin & Kat Stacks, “I Might Put A Bag Over Her Face”

With the Too Cool To Care album on store shelves this week and their Chris Brown-assisted “Better With The Lights Off” record getting airplay, SOHH hit up New Boyz’s Ben J to find out which celebrities they want to see in the bedroom.

Ben J said he could see himself with the lights on or off with Young Money’s Nicki Minaj but rap groupie Kat Stacks would likely need her face covered.

“I want the lights off with Nicki Minaj,” Ben J told SOHH when asked about lights being on or off in the bedroom. “That’s because she be getting those big ol’ eyes and she be going crazy sometimes but sometimes I may want it with the lights on just so I can see what I’m working with because that a** is kinda nice. I want the lights off with Kat Stacks. I might put a bag over her face. [laughs] Beyonce? We gotta do it with the lights on. I gotta see her and to see her face, ohhhh.” (SOHH)

Although it would be a long shot, Ben J imagined having an intimate bedroom session with former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin.

Amber Rose, I gotta have the lights on,” Ben J added. “Lights on for Amber Rose of course. Sarah Palin? Oh man, I think for her I’d have to do it with the lights off.” (SOHH)

Earlier this week, Ben J spoke on the motivation behind the “Better With The Lights Off” single.

“There’s a lot of inspirational tracks for the females. We were really nice on this project. We got one song called “Better With The Lights Off” and they think the title is mean. If the girls listen to the lyrics more than the hook, you would hear how you’re beautiful the whole day while we’re with you but when we finally get to that room and the light dies down, you just start glowing a lot more. Girls are comfortable in the dark. They start feeling themselves and getting more comfortable. I like the lights on or off, it is what it is. I like the ladies to feel comfortable and so with the lights off, they feel better.” (5 Reasons Why You Should Buy)

Last week, R&B singer Chris Brown was spotted in Los Angeles recording a music video for their new single.

Chris Brown stole the spotlight on the set of “Better With the Lights Off,” his Cataracs-produced collaboration with the New Boyz for their upcoming album Too Cool to Care. A blond and tatted Breezy filmed his scenes on Wednesday (May 11) in a Los Angeles neighborhood, wearing yellow BBC ice cream bar jersey shorts, a Rocksmith Ninjas tank top, black sneakers, and red hat. (Rap-Up)

Check out “Better With The Lights Off” below:

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