Nephew Tommy A** Kicks LeBron James, Amber Rose, Chris Brown & More

Nephew Tommy A** Kicks LeBron James, Amber Rose, Chris Brown & More

In light of stand-up comedian Nephew Tommy‘s new Just My Thoughts DVD hitting stores this week, SOHH reached out to the funnyman to find out what celebrities he would induct into his famous “A** Whooping Factory”.

At the top of Nephew’s list is video vixen Amber Rose and Latin hottie Jennifer Lopez‘s ex-husband.

“Amber Rose, the chick with the short hair, she needs to get her a** whooped but you can’t beat that a** too hard,” Nephew told SOHH. “That’s one sexy a**. [laughs] She’s the type that needs a light a** whooping, but she definitely needs her a** whooped. DMX, I’ll give him a pass even though he’s crazy as h*ll. Marc Anthony needs to get his a** whooped for not handling his business right. How are you going to let a pretty woman like [Jennifer Lopez] go? Evidently you’re doing something wrong.” (SOHH)

Outside of the music industry, Tommy saved a spot for the Miami Heat’s LeBron James.

“LeBron James, h*ll yeah he needs his a** whooped,” Nephew added. “I lost $7,000 on LeBron James. He needs his a** whooped. I bought NBA Champions shirts with the Miami Heat on it, so I can’t sell them to nobody. So yeah he needs his a** whooped. Chris Brown needs his a** whooped [too]. From the sound of it, they say Chris was getting his a** whooping in the car [from Rihanna in 2009]. On the real, man to man, Chris needs his a** whooped for putting his hands on a woman. Bottom line. That’s real man talk right there. Now if she was over there whooping his a** then he should have pulled over and put her a** out the car.” (SOHH)

Earlier this week, Nephew Tommy broke down the science  to his “A** Whooping Factory”.

There’s people that need to go to jail but there’s more people that need their a** whooped. You’re gonna see the a** whooping factory in rare form. I came up with [the idea] a couple years ago and it’s a joke that you can do forever. Somebody always needs their a** whooped. We always see stuff on the news and what do we always say? “He don’t need to go to jail but he needs one h*ll of an a** whooping.” There’s a lot of people that need their a** whooping. I don’t even know if I whooped OJ’s a** on here but we got a guy who got away with murder and then turned around to write a book about how he would have done it. What the f*ck?! You need your a** whooped. That’s what I’m talking about. I got a line of celebrities that need their a** whooped and I do it right there on stage.” (“5 Reasons Why”)

The comedian is most known for his stand-up and appearing on the “Steve Harvey Morning Show.”

Tommy has built a following as a stand-up comic and his shows are selling out in venues across the country. It’s not unusual for promoters to request that Tommy make a return performance. He’s currently touring across the country and selling out his comedy shows from city to city. When he’s not on the radio or touring he enjoys playing golf and running in local marathons. Tommy’s comedy and interesting views on life can always be heard on The Steve Harvey Morning Show weekdays on WBLS radio station in New York. The show is syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks and airs nationally Monday through Friday from 6a.m. to 10a.m. EST. The show is heard in over 60 markets across the United States. (Comedians Jokes)

Check out Nephew Tommy describing his “A** Whooping Factory” below:

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