Nelly Waxes His “5.0” For A Fall Release

Nelly Waxes His “5.0” For A Fall Release

Grammy-winning rapper Nelly has announced plans to drop his new solo album, 5.0, this fall after spending most of the year under the radar.

According to reports, Nelly’s follow-up to 2008’s Brass Knuckes will drive-in to a November release.

Universal Motown will unveil the St. Louis rapper’s sixth studio album 5.0 on November 16. The club jam “Tippin’ in da Club,” produced by Dutch, sets the tone for the high-octane record. The song has already gone to urban radio, while the second single “Just a Dream” has been serviced to Top 40 stations. The latter was produced by Jim Jonsin and Rico Love. (Rap-Up)

Earlier this year, reports of Nelly’s new album title circulated online.

This time around, he’s tapped high-profile producer Jim Jonsin to work alongside him in the studio. As the Press Association reports, Usher, Jamie Foxx and producer Dr. Luke have also signed on to collaborate on the new album, which will be titled ‘5.O’ — presumably because of the 2011 Mustang 5.0-liter V8 car that Nelly says will be featured on the album’s cover. Other names rumored to appear on ‘5.O’ include Janet Jackson, Diddy, Akon and, of course, the St. Lunatics. (AOL Radio Blog)

Nelly recently talked about reuniting with Kelly Rowland for the project.

“‘DL2!’ This is one thing, we know we can’t in no way shape of form can we outdo part one,” Nelly said about “Dilemma Part II.” “There’s no way. You’re in a lose situation if you go in trying to do that. What the new song is doing is a continuation of the story. It’s produced by my man Jim Jonsin and my man Rico Love. We were in the studio in Miami and I called K and she was in the bed and just shot down to the studio. I got a collaboration withTaraji Henson that was produced by Jermaine Dupri. It’s crazy.” (BV Buzz)

Last year, Nelly said he planned to work with rappers like Young Jeezy and Plies.

“The thing is, I work best with two strikes, two outs,” Nelly revealed in an interview. “I really think I do. As an artist, you want to wake up every day and feel like you’re doing something people don’t think you can do. Now I feel like I’ve been put in that position again, where it’s more doubt than expectancy. The doubt is what fuels me, so to speak. I’ve been real fortunate where I have great people around me. Everybody wants to freakin’ work with me — not that everybody didn’t [before], but it’s different because I didn’t work with a lot of people. Coming into this situation, it’s beautiful…In the booth right now, it’s kind of different. I got Sean Paul, Akon…as far as the rappers go, Plies. Me and [Young] Jeezy talking about some things now. I’m not finished, but I’m a good portion on the way.” (MTV)

Check out a recent Nelly interview down below:

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