Nelly Tells Mike & Ike To Ditch Rappin’ After “Strawberry Or Die”

Nelly Tells Mike & Ike To Ditch Rappin’ After “Strawberry Or Die”

St. Lunatics leader Nelly recently chopped it up with SOHH in light of his involvement in a new Mike & Ike candy campaign and talked about reuniting the one-time estranged business partners.

While a love for the candy dates back to his childhood days, the St. Lunatic said he has grown to know both “Mike” and “Ike” throughout the years.

“I have been eating Mike and Ike my whole life, I grew up on them -so it was natural to help them re-unite!,” Nelly told SOHH when asked how he managed to hook one-time estranged business partners Mike & Ike up. “Mike sees himself as a music producer and produced “Strawberry or Die” which you can see on the Mike and Ike website. While good effort – he is best at the candy. Ike is a graffiti artist and you can also see his work on line. Again, nice effort but the candy is the place best suited for their talents.” (SOHH)

Nelly also told SOHH about the likelihood of appearing in a possible Mike & Ike movie and getting the duo to be a part of his next music hit.

“Wow, great question, not sure who would play Mike and Ike but I would sure for be a star in it!,” Nelly added when asked who would star in a Mike & Ike flick. “That is a tough one — not sure I have the answer. [Making music with Mike and Ike?] Right, I already have Mike and Ike in my song Fly Away – hope to have an official Nelly “Mike & Ike” smash hit soon.” (SOHH)

The company’s marketing director Donald Houston also talked to SOHH about the Mike & Ike summer campaign along with tagging Nelly to play a focal role.

“We are so happy to have Nelly on board. He has always been a big fan of the product and has said so on for years on television, in his songs and always told us that he enjoyed Mike and Ike Candy in his dressing room, while writing music and at concerts. It just mad perfect sense,” Houston said. “He appeals to teens, young adults and families – like the Mike and Ike Candy and knowing his passion for the candy and his connection to music, make him a perfect fit.” (SOHH)

Buzz behind Nelly’s invovlement in the sweet-tasting candy promotion surfaced in early May.

Nelly, Grammy award-winning hip hop artist and actor, has teamed up with classic candy Mike and Ike as the two reconciled after a halt in collaborating a year ago. On May 8, the duo debuted movie trailer “The Return of Mike and Ike,” about the split and reunion. Nelly, known to be a major fan of the candy, celebrated the union in New York City and also lent his voice on radio spots with Angie Martinez of Hot 97. Nelly will also appear in Web videos for the brands’ social media sites and be a part of press and media events on May 21 at the 2013 Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago. The St. Louis native helped behind the scenes in getting Mike and Ike back together, the duo are equally supportive of Nelly’s latest efforts including his upcoming album and work with Celebrity Sweat, a series of DVDs offering a behind-the-scenes look at the workouts of popular celebrities and athletes. (Black Enterprise)

Check out the “Strawberry or Die” music video:

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