Nelly Reveals What Artists Remain On His Wish List

Nelly Reveals What Artists Remain On His Wish List

Grammy-winning rapper Nelly recently took part in an open Q&A session with fans through iTunes Music and addressesd a range of topics which revolved around his new M.O. album.

When asked what artists are still left on his wish list, the Missouri native revealed Dr. Dre and Timbaland.

“‘On this album you work with some of the biggest names in music. Who is next on your collaboration wish list? #AskNelly'”

“.@itunesmusic I’d say either Dre or Timbaland. #AskNelly” (Nelly’s Twitter)

The St. Lunatic leader also briefly spoke on the importance of family life.

“”With all your music and other successes, what is something you have wanted to do but unable to complete?”- @Nita2014 #AskNelly”

“.@itunesmusic @Nita2014 Spend more time with my family. I wanna see more than 2 of my son’s games. I’m one of THOSE dads. #AskNelly”

“”What is your favorite part of being in the music industry?” — @kate07_23 #AskNelly”

“.@itunesmusic creating music and having ppl accept it where it can help change lives. that and performing. Oh and royalty checks! #AskNelly” (Nelly’s Twitter)

Based on one-day estimates, the St. Lunatic’s latest solo effort is chart-bound.

YOUR NEW RELEASES: Q4 is officially on. But even if you don’t believe your calendar, you can believe the fact that Justin’s second 20/20 set and Lorde’s first full-length have arrived. The two albums, unsurprisingly, occupy the top two spots on the iTunes album chart at the moment. Here’s a look at the week’s key debuts. Justin Timberlake (RCA) 350-375k Lorde (Republic) 105-115kk Tyler Farr (Columbia Nashville) 24-27k Haim (Columbia) 20-25k Hillsong Young & Free (Hillsong) 12-15k Nelly (Republic) 12-15k Of course, it’s day two of the government shutdown, so please stay in your homes–away from the windows–and conserve water. We will get through this as a people. (10/2p) (HITS Daily Double)

Last year, Nelly spoke on piecing together the new LP.

“This [is] my seventh album and when you’ve been fortunate enough to be in any career 12-13 years, re-inventing yourself and staying hungry in that career is your biggest challenge,” Nelly told The Juice. “You get a chance to do things and change things around but also having to remind yourself that you do have a core audience that like what they like from you. You have to take that core audience and try to get a new audience and combine that with walking the line that a lot of people haven’t been able to do thus far.” (The Juice)

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