Nelly Comes Clean On Eminem Beef, “I Didn’t Give A F*ck”

Nelly Comes Clean On Eminem Beef, “I Didn’t Give A F*ck”

Grammy-winning rapper Nelly has come clean on his past beef with Eminem during the start of his career in the early 2000’s and admitted the short-lived dispute stemmed from a misunderstanding.

According to Nelly, he was very open to controversy around the release of his 2000 debut, Country Grammar.

“[Me and Em, it was] a misunderstanding. Me being young in the game. Somebody said something that said something, and I reacted to it. Being young to the game and being real influential, and not checking to see if that’s what it was – which it wasn’t. But me, being from St. Louis. Hothead. Young kid. I got kicked out of four schools for fighting. I was just like [to Eminem], ‘What? Who? What’chu talking about?’ Coming in at that time with Country Grammar, you’re getting a lot of [beef], you know what I’m saying? But what people don’t understand is that when I made Country Grammar, that sh*t was gangster! I was coming ‘down down, baby/Your street in a Range Rover/With a street sweeper, baby/Cocked, ready to let it go.’ You know what I’m saying? I didn’t change that record. The label changed that record to ‘boom boom/ahn ahn.'” (All Hip Hop)

Nelly also said he was thankful their issues did not get out of hand and turn violent.

“I didn’t give a f**k,” Nelly added. “I was from St. Louis. I had a record deal, and they was gonna put this record out? Y’all can do whatever the f**k y’all want with that record. I don’t care, ’cause y’all gon’ give me what? [holding up an imaginary check] I got this check,a nd sh*t back then, it was only like $40,000, but I didn’t give a sh*t. I was like, you guys are kidding me! But again, that was that mentality. So, when I thought I heard something, and that something was true and someone was coming at me…I mean, I did have people coming at me at that time. I heard a lot of talk like, ‘He ain’t a rapper…he’s this, he’s that.’ And I’m just like ‘Well, muthaf**ka, where ya at?’ I’m tremendously glad that that’s not my mentality now, and nothing came from it, considering if you look at how so much has happened in hip-hop from misunderstandings and things and people being influenced by the wrong things. I’m real fortunate and thankful that that’s as far as it went.” (All Hip Hop)

Nelly’s comments about Em were reportedly aired on an episode of MTV’s now-defunct “Total Request Live” show.

This feud is relatively old. Nelly started it when he appeared on MTV’s “Total Request Live” about 3 years back. He sent out a number of disses and seemingly violent comments towards Em, reiterating his dislike for the Detroit Playa. Nelly said that Eminem was talking about Nelly behind his back, or so he heard. He then proceeded to say that Shady better not go on tour in St. Louis, Nelly’s hometown, because the St. Lunatics would would make short work of them. He even goes on to say, that he “Eats m&ms”. Eminem replied to Nelly’s disses by releasing a song called “Detroit Grammar”. However, I have also been told via an e-mail that Nelly phoned to apologize to Eminem after saying he eats M&M’s, and this is the most likely reason for this beef stopping. (Eminem Lab)

Outside of beefs, Nelly celebrated the release of his new album, 5.0, last week.

Grammy-winning rapper Nelly’s 5.0 also debuted on the chart this week landing at No. 10. With a week under his belt, Nelly’s follow-up to 2008’s Brass Knuckles has pushed out 63,600 units. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Check out recent footage of Nelly below:

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