Ne-Yo Tells Hackers To Die Slow, “[They] Really Make Me Wanna Stab Somebody!!!”

Ne-Yo Tells Hackers To Die Slow, “[They] Really Make Me Wanna Stab Somebody!!!”

Award-winning singer Ne-Yo has unleashed his fury toward music hackers and expressed how much of an impact they have on his livelihood.

Writing on Twitter, Ne-Yo explained his frustrations against leakers.

“ALL HACKERS DIE SLOW!! It’s stealing plain and simple! There’s places where they cut people’s hands off for less! Y’all SUCK!!!!!,” he tweeted Friday (October 1) evening.

“My apologies y’all. Try to stay positive but these hackers really make me wanna stab somebody!!! (Not for real, but you get my point..) MAD!”

“To be clear, twitter hackers don’t effect me. I’m talking about hackers leaking more than half my d*mn album!! It’s STEALING. D*mn shame…”

“I work my a** off when it comes to my music! Blood, sweat and tears, I pride myself on it! Only for somebody to hack in and steal it!?!” (Ne-Yo’s Twitter)

Last June, Ne-Yo spoke with SOHH about hackers leaking music out early.

“Man, I just feel like people don’t have patience anymore,” Ne-Yo told SOHH. “Where’s the class and integrity that came with music back in the day? You listen to it before it’s supposed to be listened to and then you don’t like it but you didn’t even give it a chance to get done. That’s like eating a meal before it’s finished cooking. Of course you’re not gonna like it, it wasn’t finished yet. I just feel like if people wait for the actual album to come out so that they can catch the full effect of the joint, then music might be in better shape if you ask me. It’s sad, the loops that we literally gotta jump through to keep the music safe before it’s time for it to come out, it’s really, really sad that it’s come to that. But I mean, it is what it is, I’m one man.” (SOHH)

Earlier this week, Kanye West expressed his issues with hackers.

“Due to blogs leaking unfinished songs from my actual album I’ve decided to pass of Good Fridays this week,” West tweeted Wednesday (September 29) night.

“It’s messed up that one hacker can mess everything up for everyone… I love to take a year to finish my songs and deliver them …”

“to you guys in there most completed form…” (Kanye West’s Twitter)

Grammy-winning rapper Lupe Fiasco previously sought legal action to address his music being leaked.

“The track ‘I’m Beaming’ that was leaked last night was NOT authorized or intentionally leaked by myself or my company,” he wrote Christmas Eve. “Plain and simple its STOLEN property. And this goes for ANY record or track that leaks or is made available for illegal download from this day forward. Actions are being taken and the authorities have been notified. As a personal plea to all my fans PLEASE DO NOT share, stream, or download any unauthorized or stolen Lupe Fiasco music. A lot of time and energy goes into the creation of this music, not to mention large sums of money, money provided by my record company as well as from my own personal finances.” (Lupe Fiasco’s Blog)

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