Ne-Yo Shares Fatherhood Fears W/ Baby On The Way, “I’m Terrified”

Ne-Yo Shares Fatherhood Fears W/ Baby On The Way, “I’m Terrified”

R&B singer Ne-Yo has opened up about his fear of becoming a father with a baby on the way and denied recent reports of being engaged.

Ne-Yo says he never took the possibility of being a child’s father serious.

“I’m going to have my first child in January. I’m terrified, I’m gonna be all the way honest. I’ve never seen myself as a father, you know what I mean? I knew eventually I would get married and have kids and all of that stuff. By the way, the marriage rumors aren’t true. Let’s clear that up. I’m not engaged, I’m not to be married. But the baby rumor is true…My mom was my mom and my dad. I didn’t need the male role model. I figure if I do it the way my mom did it, then my kid is going to be fine.” (CNN)

The hitmaker announced being a father-to-be in an interview earlier this summer.

Surprise! He had to come home so he could make the first ultrasound visit with his girlfriend. There’s no word on the sex of the baby because the tiny tot curled up in a ball, leading Ne-Yo to joke that his future progeny is “stubborn.” But, he added, “They didn’t get that one from me.” The star, whose album is due on September 21, is excited about meeting his first child in January. “I am 30 and I do have my first child on the way, and I’m very, very, very excited about that,” he tells EBONY. “It’s a New Year’s baby and I’m just in a really good place right now.” (Ebony Jet)

In the past, Ne-Yo has talked about wanting more than one child.

Ne-Yo was previously quoted stating that he wants exactly two children, ” a girl and a boy,” before admitting the first guy who attempts to date his daughter is going to be in trouble… “When the first guy comes to my door asking for my daughter, I might end up going to jail,’ he told USA Today. “I just don’t know how I’ll handle that.” (Examiner)

In early June, Ne-Yo spoke with SOHH about receiving an on-stage lap dance from Paris Hilton in Las Vegas.

“Shout-out to Paris Hilton, [laughs], that’s the homie,” Ne-Yo told SOHH. “I was in Vegas, I was performing and she was there, and I saw her and pulled her on stage. And that’s what it was. She’s cool people though. I don’t know Paris well enough to be like, ‘Yeah! This and that…’ but I know I was in Vegas, she was in Vegas, and I seen her in the crowd and pulled her on-stage, she didn’t have to come on stage so I gotta give her a shout-out for even doing that. I’m cool with her as far as that goes and yeah, we’re cool people. She looked like she was having a good time before she got on stage so once she got on stage, it was an even better time. It was all good.” (SOHH)

Check out some past Ne-Yo footage down below:

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