Ne-Yo Clarifies T.I. Arrest Remarks, “Here’s What I Said About The Situation”

Ne-Yo Clarifies T.I. Arrest Remarks, “Here’s What I Said About The Situation”

R&B singer Ne-Yo has responded to repots of him scolding T.I. for his arrest earlier this week on a drug possession charge.

Despite reports from the Associated Press, Ne-Yo hit up Twitter to explain what he really said about the rapper.

“Ok folks. I ain’t even see what they’re claiming I said, but in the everybody’s so mad, I’m sure they misquoted me……,” he tweeted Friday (September 3) night.

“…So from the horses mouth, HERE’S what I said about the T.I. situation.I said that T.I. is one of the smartest people in the game, but…”

“….Sometimes the people surrounding you, get you in more trouble than you yourself do. I ain’t down talk nobody, I spoke my opinion…”

“…because I was asked it. Half of y’all speak your opinion whether somebody asks you or not! I got no beef wit T.I. or his team….”

“…That ain’t my sh*t to beef with people over nothing. If T.I. or any of his people wanna sit down like men and discuss it, I’m down….”

“…Much luv to the people that support T.I. Sh*t I’M A SUPPORTER of T.I., so I understand your anger……”

“…But from now on, if you wanna know if I said something, the internet ain’t the proper source. Hit me up on here and ask before you assume.”

“I got nothin’ to hide, and you already see that I’ll answer whatever. No drama or beef on my end. Nuff said.” (Ne-Yo’s Twitter)

Original reports quoted Ne-Yo scolding T.I. about his arrest.

Ne-Yo says T.I. has had many chances — and it’s time he gets his act together. Ne-Yo told the Associated Press the fellow performer makes a lot of poor decisions when it comes to the people that he surrounds himself with. Ne-Yo says he’s not familiar with the company T.I. surrounds himself with, but says “nine times out of 10 when he gets in trouble, it’s not him, it’s the people that he’s with.” Ne-Yo says it’s time for T.I. to get his life together. (Associated Press)

T.I.’s lawyer, Dwight L. Thomas, has said he is still trying to grasp the full details of the rapper’s arrest.

“Without knowing what the basis for the arrest is, what the facts and the circumstances surrounding the arrests are, it is very difficult to know really what your worst-case scenario is,” he explained. “There may be no severity to this matter at all. There may not be any validity to this matter at all. So I think the best thing for us to do is to adequately investigate the circumstances and the facts and remain optimistic that whatever has happened will be favorably resolved.” (XXL Mag)

Details on the arrest hit the Internet Thursday morning.

Tiny and her new hubby were picked up in Los Angeles after police stopped T.I. (born Clifford Harris Jr.) around 10:30 p.m. for making an illegal U-turn in his Maybach, according to a spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. When the officers approached the vehicle, they apparently smelled the scent of marijuana wafting from the car and then searched the passengers and the automobile. Police found an unspecified number of pills that “resembled ecstasy.” T.I. and Tiny were not traveling alone but the Sheriff’s Department spokesperson said the other passengers in the car were not charged with a crime. The duo posted $10,000 bail each and were released early Thursday morning. They are due in court on September 3. (MTV)

Check out coverage of Tiny and T.I.’s arrest below:

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