NCAA Star Catches Heat After Ditching Teammates For Drake

NCAA Star Catches Heat After Ditching Teammates For Drake

NCAA football star Johnny “Football” Manziel has caught heat this week after reportedly ditching his fellow Texas A&M teammates to party it up with Young Money’s Drake.

Buzz behind the Texas A&M star’s backlash surfaced online earlier in the week.

Johnny Manziel’s Texas A&M teammates aren’t even a little bit mad that their QB immediately skipped town to party with Drake just one day after their Bowl victory … in fact, a rep for the school tells us Johnny put in some serious team celebration time BEFORE he left. As we previously reported, Johnny — who most likely played his last college game on Dec. 31 — jetted to Miami to hang with his pal Drake on Jan. 1 … saying he needed a little “vaca.” (TMZ)

Despite the speculation, a Texas A&M rep has come forward to downplay the heat.

But Texas A&M Associate Athletic Director of Media Relations Alan Cannon tells TMZ Sports … the team isn’t bitter at Johnny for leaving so quickly, because they spent lots of quality time together the night of the victory. “Johnny came back to the hotel on the team bus and celebrated with his teammates and the fans that had gathered in the lobby.” Cannon adds, “This whole team supports Johnny. He is very much a part of the team — a key part.” There are people who are saying Johnny’s fast exit shows he was never that committed to his teammates in the first place. But one A&M player we spoke with says that’s all BS … explaining there was never a problem with the relationship between Johnny and his teammates … it was solid until the end. (TMZ)

The mega college football stud won a huge game a few nights ago.

Johnny Manziel finished the season — and perhaps his Texas A&M career — as only he could. Though it was the Aggies’ defense that scored the go-ahead touchdown and then clinched the game in the fourth quarter, Manziel had a never-say-down score that proved to be the catalyst for a second-half comeback and unreal 52-48 win. (USA Today)

Drake recently described Johnny as a close friend and good person despite some negative press he had received last year.

“Despite what some people report, I actually consider myself a positive reinforcement in his life. I try to keep him on track. I know he has a bright future and he’s displaying it right, especially in his last two performances,” Drake explained in an interview. “He’s a great guy and he’s got the best intentions. He does nothing with malicious intent. I love him to death. We’ve gone from sort of like I’m a fan of his and he’s a fan of mine to genuine friends. And I think we’ll be friends for a long time. He is a pure soul. … He’s not a wild guy. He’s passionate about music and he’s passionate about football. In his free time when he (wasn’t) playing football, he chose to come see me. … For me it’s not about hanging out and looking cool because I know Johnny Manziel. I care about this guy.” (ESPN)

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