NBA Star Nick Young Reacts To Michael Jordan’s Son Responding To Kanye West’s “Facts”: “Adidas Won This Year”


Los Angeles Lakers star Nick Young has stepped forward to react to buzz NBA icon Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus, sparked by responding to rapper Kanye West’s “Facts” song.

Although he understands Marcus’ loyalty to his father and Team Nike, Young stood behind the Adidas-driven song.

“There’s nothing you could really say about the issue. What [Kanye’s] been doing with shoes and clothes, 2015 was Kanye’s year. I understand [Marcus] defending his pops but I think we won this year. Adidas won this year.” (Billboard)

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11 thoughts on “NBA Star Nick Young Reacts To Michael Jordan’s Son Responding To Kanye West’s “Facts”: “Adidas Won This Year”

  1. HouseFL

    Kanye going super hard at Nike. This song is genius because putting Nike on notice after you had such a successful year with their main competitor will bolster your brand and your product in the minds of the demographic that buy your product. Every time someone thinks of the Jordan brand now, they will think of Yeezy’s too… pure genius.

  2. empire514

    Kanyes shoes are plain ugly! and adidas is always been good w their old school run dmc style…the rest are trash even kanyes.. stop playing yourself!

  3. that dude

    And Nick Young or Swaggy P? A dude that nicknames himself that type of nickname will never be taken seriously. Sorry, Adidas couldn’t beat Nike in a million years. If you all did your research, Under Amour is the only one competing with Nike right now in terms of sales and popularity.

  4. Mec-One

    Of course he would say this……he’s under contract with adidas and gets paid to wear yeezys …..

  5. A Lion Amongst Men™

    Kanye’s shoes are terrible! It’s hard to imagine Adidas being bigger than Nike but I think the world wear’s more Adidas than Nike. Puma is big a lot of countries too. I used to love Kanye, I really wish he would disappear now!

  6. Jay

    Facts# Holiday
    Nike +18.6 %
    Under Armour + 98.6 %
    Adidas – 7.7 %

    Adidas took a hit because they are trying to make everything a limited edition. Put out more product lower the cost on somethings and they should see an increase. BTW I haven’t seen anyone rocking the homeless adidas gear!

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