Natalie Nunn Says Fabolous Keeps Firing Blanks, “He Wanted A Response & I Didn’t Give It To Him”

Natalie Nunn Says Fabolous Keeps Firing Blanks, “He Wanted A Response & I Didn’t Give It To Him”

Reality television star Natalie Nunn has updated fans on her stance toward rapper Fabolous after getting caught in a public back-and-forth dispute earlier this year.

In Nunn’s eyes, F-a-b-o continues to take habitual shots at her.

“It’s really funny, because I feel like the beef between me and Fabolous just keeps going back and forth. Sometimes it’s directly, sometimes it’s indirectly. Fabolous just put out a video last week. And the music video had my ex-best friend that I grew up with since we were in diapers — he put her as the only girl in his video. So he tries to do little things to get my attention. And I don’t care what he says, I don’t care what people want to believe and disbelieve, but the girl in his video is half Asian, half black, he didn’t even know her, and she’s never done a music video in her life — so he went out of his way to put her in his music video.” (The Urban Daily)

The “Bad Girls Club” co-star also said she refuses to entertain Fab’s disses.

“And when he posted the link for it, all of my fans on Twitter were like, “Isn’t that your ex-best friend?” He wanted a response, and I didn’t give it to him,” Nunn added. “It’s almost like these guys are trying to get some of my publicity, even if it’s indirectly. Because if I go in on somebody, it will be a trending topic. I don’t care who they think they are or how many fans they have, it will bring a different audience to them. These guys are rappers, or these guys are comedians. I am on a reality show that everybody in the world watches. I bring a whole different audience to their life.” (The Urban Daily)

Around spring, Nunn said she decided to call out Fab for keeping her name in his mouth through Twitter and mixtapes.

“The funny thing about the male groupies, [they] are the same ones that are rapping about me and talking about me. I don’t want to jock them or if we do hook up or do hang out, I’m not trying to fly down and jump on their tour bus,” Nunn explained to radio host EI8HT. “I have some of these rappers that are steady male groupies. When they don’t get what they want, they start talking sh*t. They put me on their songs, they’re hating, but the funny thing is you’re acknowledging [me]. Basically everything they’re saying, they’re acknowledging me. Why are you talking about me? … At the same time, these male groupies, I don’t give a f*ck about them. None of them. I don’t give a f*ck about them…I look at my Twitter page, I hadn’t looked at it in four or five hours since I left the house, I look down at my Twitter page and everybody’s like, ‘Yeah Natalie, did you catch Fabolous talking about you on his mixtape?’ Why are you talking about me on your mixtape? The last mixtape he dropped, I was on [it]. How many mixtapes are you gonna keep putting Natalie, who is more relevant than I guess whatever you gotta talk about, you gonna keep putting me in all your f*cking sh*t?” (“Street Disciplez Radio”)

In late January, Fab playfully taunted Nunn on his Twitter page.

“Oh word.. #GirlsIsF*ckinFor turkey burgers & hot chocalate??… #GirlsIsF*ckinForsteak, potatoes & asparagus… Oh & a glass of red wine… LOL.,” Fab tweeted January 18th.

“I got Swiss Miss at the crib.. & turkey burgers fresh off the Foreman grizz-ill… YADADADADAADADADADADAAMEAN!! LOL”

“If @realwizkhalifa only giving turkey burgers & hot cocoa, im only giving Lunchables & Capri Sun’s.. LMAO She thinking Phileppe, im thinking#TurkeyBurgerAndHotChocalate”

“No twitter beef @missnatalienunn, jus some jokes.. i’ll take ur chip tooth jokes on the chin… #JustTwitterFun” (Fabolous’ Twitter)

Check out some recent Natalie Nunn footage below:

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