Natalie Nunn Exposes Amber Rose, “The B*tch Ain’t Got No Money To Pay For Her Motherf*cking Assistant” [Audio]

Natalie Nunn Exposes Amber Rose, “The B*tch Ain’t Got No Money To Pay For Her Motherf*cking Assistant” [Audio]

Reality star Natalie Nunn‘s issues with model Amber Rose are far from over as she has now come forward to accuse Wiz Khalifa‘s girlfriend of being secretly obsessed with her.

According to Nunn, Rose’s former assistant revealed her obsession with her.

“This is gonna be exclusive, you guys are going to get the exclusive right now,” Nunn told radio host EI8HT. “Let me tell you some exclusive sh*t. I’m again minding my own business, just landed in Panama City, I got an appearance, I hit the beach real quick, I look down at my phone real quick and one of my boys is like, ‘Yo, Amber Rose’s assistant is trying to get your [Blackberry Messenger], she wants to holler at you. About what? So we connect the BBM in a chat room and Amber Rose’s assistant is going in on Amber Rose. Talking about, ‘She’s steady staying on your Twitter, she steady worrying about what you’re doing. She don’t even give a f*ck about Wiz [Khalifa]. She’s just worried about what Natalie Nunn’s doing.’ But every time I try to tell people what the f*ck the real is, they point their finger at Natalie. She’s the motherf*cking bad guy.” (“Street Disciplez”)

Nunn said the assistant later left Rose due to financial complications.

“[She] quit, she just quit,” Nunn added. “[She] just recently quit on Amber Rose because the b*tch ain’t got no money to pay for her motherf*cking assistant. Yo, yo, let me tell you something. Let me tell you something. These n*ggas can go ahead and sugarcoat whatever the f*ck they want — when I put my motherf*cking money in the bank every day, that’s my motherf*cking money.” (“Street Disciplez”)

Earlier this month, Nunn made a Ustream video airing out her issues toward Rose.

“You want to f*cking do my sloppy a** seconds, b*tch,” Natalie said in her broadcast referring to Amber Rose over the weekend. “You want to f*cking come behind me and f*cking pick up my f*cking crumbs like a f*cking peasant that you are? A f*cking peasant, picking up crumbs, picking up f*cking dollars, taking your f*cking clothes off for some f*cking dollars and bending over and picking the sh*t up? … You’re a sloppy seconds a** b*tch…Amber Rose, yes, I f*cking said it, Amber f*cking Rose decided to go to Barbados the same weekend that the ‘Bad Girls Club’ next season, the one that’s taping right now, and tried to show the f*ck up. B*tch, you got me real f*cked up. You want me to tell you why b*tch? ‘Cause I’m two steps ahead of you…” (YouTube)

Rose recently addressed Nunn’s public criticism via Twitter.

“Hey @missnatalienunn I’ll pray for u girl u obviously have Psychological & Insecurity issues. U wanted some shine from my page u got it.,” Rose tweeted Saturday (April 9th).

“@Missnatalienunn Oh & I know where u live too I’ll send u pretty roses from Wiz & I 2 let u know you’ll be ok. Enjoy ur time in houston :-)” (Amber Rose’s Twitter)

Check out Natalie Nunn’s interview below:

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