Nas Undresses His True Relationship W/ Ex-Wife Kelis [Video]

Nas Undresses His True Relationship W/ Ex-Wife Kelis [Video]

Rap veteran Nas has stepped up to provide some clarity for people still wondering if he gets along with ex-wife/singer Kelis or if they are at each other’s necks.

Although he did not dish out many details, “God’s Son” said he and Kells have put their past issues behind them.

“We’re back together as friends. We were not friends. We were not the best friends for a long time. It was crazy. We’re friends now. That’s what it is. We’re not together. We’re friends though.” (Hot 97)

Last month, rumors of Kells and Nasty Nas hooking back up in Hollywood emerged.

Kelis was seen holding her son Knight in Beverly Hills yesterday, and her ex-husband Nas was also spotted in the area headed to go meet them. Yesterday, “Milkshake” singer Kelis was seen in an extra eclectic outfit at the Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills shopping for shoes. Later on, Kelis was seen walking out of the store (in an interesting pair of leggings ad platform sneakers) with her cutie pie son Knight on her hip. And Knight seems to be following his mom’s fashion tips with his funky orange sneakers, green socks and paperboy cap. Though they weren’t photographed together, sexy rapper Nas was also in Bevelry Hills and was seen taking on his cell and walking up to the same Saks where Knight and Kelis were. You’ll recall that Nas and Kelis have been on vacation together in the past, so maybe he’s in town working on “relationship” things…or he could just be visiting his kids. Either way, good to see them getting along… (The YBF)

Back in October, Nas revealed some urges to romantically link back up with his one-time wife.

Rapper Nas offered his ex-wife Kelis an indecent proposal recently when he sent her a late-night sex text. The star confessed his lusty thoughts to fans during a show in London on Monday night, revealing he let his urges get the better of him. According to, the rap star said, “You know, I text her the other night. I said, ‘Can we make love one more time?’ Seriously!” And he also revealed he’s still reeling from the bitter 2010 bust-up: “(It) still hurts bad. That pain is real, y’all.” He made the comments during a performance of “Bye Bye Baby,” which is believed to be about his ex. (SF Gate)

A month prior, Nasir Jones came clean on hooking back up with Kelis for a friendly date.

Nas & Kelis are desperately trying to bury the hatchet after their famously bitter divorce war — in fact, they’re even trying to forge a FRIENDSHIP — and Nas tells TMZ, it’s all for their son. You’ll recall, Kelis filed for divorce from Nas in April 2009 and the split was nuclear. The two warred non-stop over custody of their son and money. Kelis said when she was 7 months pregnant she was broke yet Nas refused to give her a penny — even for medical expenses. Now, Nas tells TMZ, the two are trying to put the past behind them in order to develop a healthy relationship for the benefit of their 3-year-old son Knight — but they are NOT reuniting romantically. The rapper says they’ve been on good terms for a while now and he hopes it will continue. Nas and Kelis even grabbed dinner last night in L.A. together. (TMZ)

Check out Nas’ interview:

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