Nas Unbuttons Failed Willie Clothing Run: “I Saw The Future Of Esco Being A $200-$300 Mil Company, They Didn’t”

Nas Unbuttons Failed Willie Clothing Run: “I Saw The Future Of Esco Being A $200-$300 Mil Company, They Didn’t”

Rap veteran Nas recently discussed the launch of his HSTRY clothing line and why things never panned out with his mid-1990’s Willie Esco fashion brand.

With HSTRY now invading stores nationwide, Nasir Jones promised fans could expect his full input and control into each design.

“Total input on everything. From picking out fabric to the designs,” Nas revealed when asked how much input he has on each design. “It’s a collaborative effort between me and Grungy Gentleman. So what you’ve been seeing from HSTRY is not 100 percent HSTRY. It’s half HSTRY, half Grungy Gentleman. That was the way we launched it on that level. But the Spring collection is the next thing. We’re going to have some cool pieces this Winter. But next Spring is where my head is at, which will be 100 percent HSTRY.” (Huffington Post)

Nasty Nas also touched on why his first run at the fashion industry did not end well.

“I saw the future of Esco being a $200 – $300 million company, but they didn’t. Those guys didn’t foresee the Sean John and Rocawear thing. They didn’t foresee it because they just weren’t in that head space. They didn’t believe in it, so I left because I didn’t believe in the direction. And through the years I’ve been wanting to do something here and there, but I didn’t have the time. I knew it would come later down the road at some point. So I just waited till it felt like it was the right time.” (Huffington Post)

Buzz and anticipation for the rap vet’s new clothing line bubbled online last summer.

Nas is taking premium streetwear to a whole new level this fall with the debut of his brand, HSTRY Clothing. The first collection is a collaboration with menswear aficionado, Grungy Gentleman, and features a unique clash of classic New York street style with a fresh contemporary twist. Utilizing buttery leather, flannel, fleece, wool and neoprene in innovative ways, the collection features bomber jackets, strap-back hats, button down shirts and much more. (Nasir Jones)

Outside of fashion, Nas recently made an investment in a company called Proven, which helps people find employment.

Quick, what rhymes with “start-up?” Celebrity music artists, including rappers, have been finding new ways to invest their money, and Nas, born Nasir Jones, is no exception. After a six-figure investment in the lifestyle publication “Mass Appeal,” the rapper has put money into a San Francisco company called Proven, which makes apps to help people apply to online job postings through their smartphones. Nas, who rose to fame with his smash 1994 album “Illmatic,” participated in the company’s $1-million seed funding round that was led by Andreessen Horowitz and closed this summer. (Los Angeles Times)

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