Nas’ Tax Records Exposed, God’s Son Owes Uncle Sam $6 Milli

Nas’ Tax Records Exposed, God’s Son Owes Uncle Sam $6 Milli

Despite winning a small victory in child support payments to ex-wife/singer Kelis, rap veteran Nas reportely owes over $6 million to the United States government.

According to reports, Nasty Nas’ debt relates back to property he owns in Georgia.

Nas is the latest rapper to make headlines for tax troubles. God’s Son reportedly owes the government over $6 million for a property he owns in Eagles Landing, Ga. This isn’t the first time Nasir has has problems with the IRS; for the last three years he filed liens. In addition, the Queens, NY MC reportedly owes money for his condo in his hometown. Managers of the building claim he failed to pay his $420 a month assessment fee since January of last year, and have also filed a lien. (XXL Mag)

Last February, Nas made headlines for owing over $3 million to the IRS.

We told you about the tax lien the IRS slapped on Nas back in October to the tune of $2,584,206.31. Now, according to court docs, Nas’ bill has ballooned to a whopping $3,365,671.26. Our sources say Nas doesn’t have a clue he’s going under financially and doesn’t understand he can go to jail if he doesn’t pay child support. He was at Sundance recently and raked in $50,000 for a performance, which, we’re told, he blew before he blew out of Sundance. Nas has been sending Kelis a flurry of emails, telling her how much he wants her back and where she can fly to hook up with him. Nas — she has a new boyfriend and has moved on. She really wants that divorce. (TMZ)

Aside from his financial troubles, Nas recently had a court victory in child support to Kelis.

The Queens rapper’s spousal and child support payments to ex-wife Kelis have been reduced by half. The MC is required to pay the “Milkshake” songstress $20,000 in spousal support and just over $5,000 in child support every month. The MC reportedly convinced the judge that the soft economy has hurt his ability to pull in cash. (MTV)

Getting back to rap, Nas talked about hip-hop’s new generational stars earlier this month.

Nicki Minaj, Drake, [Rick] Ross and Kanye [West] just came to just kill it off,” Nas said in an interview. “You know, they did they thing. They kept this thing alive. Man, you know, if [my music didn’t inspire other artists] then I didn’t do what I was supposed to do. I know what I did. People like Kanye is brilliant, so when Kanye is out there doing his thing, he’s entertaining all audiences and he’s keeping it hip-hop at the same time. Nobody does that but him.” (Rap Fix)

Check out a recent Nas interview down below:

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