Nas Says Uncle Murda Reminds Him Of Notorious B.I.G.

Nas Says Uncle Murda Reminds Him Of Notorious B.I.G.

Rap veteran Nas has reportedly likened his former Def Jam labelmate Uncle Murda to one-time music foe, the late and great Notorious B.I.G.

Uncle Murda revealed Nas’ comparison of him to the hip-hop legend Thursday (April 18).

“the n*gga @Nas said i give him that Biggie feeling I’m really feeling myself rite now lets go Brooklyn #gmg #tuneheadz #epic,” Murda tweeted April 18th. (Uncle Murda’s Twitter)

A few months ago, Murda hit up SOHH and crowned himself in our Top 5 Dead or Alive rundown.

“I definitely have to say the Uncle Murda kid. U.M., the money kid, however you want to call it. I put myself in there because my story is real. It’s not fabricated. I represent the environment that your favorite rappers come from and that struggle. I represent the Jay-Z‘s, the Biggie Smalls’ and the Nas’. I represent that environment they come from and I’m still in the communities touching those environments and going through the bullsh*t. I detail this street sh*t so well and I put so much of my heart into it, how can I not put myself in there? And I scream “F*ck the police!” You haven’t had a person go so hard on the police since N.W.A. and 2Pac. I still represent that era.” (SOHH’s Top 5 Dead or Alive)

He also talked to SOHH about getting co-signs from music executives like L.A Reid and the late Chris Lighty.

“People don’t even realize with L.A. Reid, when I first signed to Def Jam, when Jay-Z had signed me to Def Jam, L.A. Reid was over there also,” Murda told SOHH. “So he had to sign off on it. L.A. Reid was there. Like Sheek [Louch told y’all], L.A. Reid is into this hip-hop sh*t for real. Don’t get that f*cked up, he’s got love for this sh*t. When I was over there at Def Jam with L.A. Reid and Jay-Z, he had to co-sign me and everything. And this time, I hooked back up with him through Chris Lighty, God Bless him. I got the deal over there with Epic and Reid was like, ‘Let’s make this sh*t happen this time. For real. Let’s take it to where it’s got to go.’ So L.A. Reid is very much into this sh*t.” (SOHH)

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