Nas Says Life’s Still Good, “I’m Getting My Music Ready & Working On It Constantly”

Nas Says Life’s Still Good, “I’m Getting My Music Ready & Working On It Constantly”

Although talk of a new Nas solo album, Life is Good, has died down in recent months, God’s Son recently promised the project would drop in 2012.

While an exact date has not yet been penciled in, Nas sees the LP dropping over the next 12 months.

“I’m coming out with an album next year. I’m getting my music ready and working on it constantly. There’s no theme to it. Each song is about something totally different than the last. It’s about regular life,” Nas said in an interview. “Writing is good for you. If you don’t use it, you lose it. It’s good to work yourself and try yourself and see what you come up with. [My dad being a musician inspired me.] Yeah, definitely. But I was usually inspired by Michael Jackson, The Jackson 5 and Run DMC. Those guys really spoke to me. Miles Davis too. I really like jazz. It’s smooth. (Miami Herald)

In mid-October, he dropped a music video for the album’s “Nasty” hit single.

Nas gives us a tour of his Queens neighboorhood in the video for “Nasty.” “Nasty, directed by Jason Goldwatch who recently directed Pusha T‘s “Trouble On My Mind,” captures Nasir Jones riding around Queensbridge in a Rolls Royce Phantom. Antonique Smith, who plays Faith Evans in “Notorious” (2009), appears in the Phantom alongside Nas when he rhymes, “Maserati, pumpin’ Biggie, the great legend/ Blastin’/ I’m after the actress who played Faith Evans.” (Billboard)

Earlier this year, Nas stressed the importance of his album not getting rushed.

“I’m knee-deep into the album now. I definitely have some spaces for some guests,” he continued. “It just has to be right for the track, or whatever. It just got to sound right. So whatever happens, it’ll be for the best. I have some pretty good ideas as to who I want to put on certain songs. So we just have to see if some of these dudes will be with it, if they have time to do it, or whatever. We’ll see what happens.” (Huffington Post)

In early May, Nasty Nas revealed plans to recruit Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon for his upcoming LP.

“It’s about to be solo time,” Nas told Tim Westwood when asked about his next album. “Solo time, it’s gonna be crazy. I heard something that [Damian Marley‘s] working on, he’s gonna kill them. I’m excited to get him. I got two [songs]. I’m just starting. I did the writing but it’s like, I’ve been so busy going all over the place. It’s like, hard, so when we get back after we’re done in Europe, we good for a while. But our thing continues. So when I drop the solo, [Damian] drops the solo, we still got tour offers. Non-stop and it’s hard to stop the tour…I’m dying and D, I know you’re dying to do the solo stuff too…Shout-out to Raekwon. I seen him last night. We’re talking about dong some stuff. I can’t see why he won’t be on my next album.” (Tim Westwood TV)

Check out some recent Nas footage below:

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